XFN 352 Confirmed for 4-Fight Card on UFC Fight Pass, Full Details…

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On September 5th, I wrote about Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) and how its next event, XFN 352, would be live-streamed on UFC Fight Pass. More specifically, I wrote about how UFC Fight Pass hadn’t made any announcement about the event which was first announced by XFN on August 24, 2018.

Well, it’s two weeks later, and UFC Fight Pass has finally confirmed that they are live-streaming XFN 352. I will simply say that it’s disappointing that the UFC chose to focus all of its promotion solely on Greg Hardy, who the UFC brought over to headline the event. The UFC didn’t even include Xtreme Fight Night on its promotional image.

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XFN 352 Comes to UFC Fight Pass

Per a source with XFN, I have confirmed that the UFC Fight Pass coverage will consist of a four-fight card running from 11:30pm to 1:00am Eastern Time. In addition to the fight card below, ALL professional fights will be added to UFC Fight Pass on-demand following the event. A notable fighter in the “on-demand” portion of the card is former Bellator women’s flyweight, Emily Ducote. See the UFC Fight Pass card below:

Jarrett Rouse vs. Cody Corrillo (Kickboxing Main Event)

Matt Dixon vs. Teagan Dooley (MMA)

Kyle Crutchmer vs. Brandon WrighT (MMA)

Greg Hardy vs. Ray Jones (MMA)

Things are subject to change, as Fight Pass dictates what will ultimately be streamed. The Crutchmer and Hardy fights are a lock.

MMA fans should pay special attention to Kyle Crutchmer. In 2017, Crutchmer earned 7th place in the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling tournament at 174 pounds. He wrestled for Oklahoma State University and is following in the footsteps of many former OSU wrestlers turned MMA greats including Randy Couture, Johny Hendricks, and Daniel Cormier. Crutchmer is currently 2-0 as a pro with submission wins at XFN 348 and XFN 350.

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