Brendon Marotte talks 26-Second TKO Victory at CZMMA 67

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Brendon Marotte talks 26-Second TKO Victory at CZMMA 67

New England featherweight prospect Brendon Marotte earned his third professional victory Saturday at Combat Zone 67. In the ballroom of the Manchester Downtown Hotel, Marotte impressively stopped Robert Best just 26 seconds into the opening round. The TKO stoppage was the third consecutive finish of his career.

Post-Fight Comments

Following the fight, Marotte sat down with MMASucka. The New Hampshire fighter broke down the technique which began the sequence of his stoppage. According to Marotte, the foot sweep is a technique he mastered at his primary gym, Tim Barchard’s Professional Martial Arts Academy.

“It’s crazy because that sweep we’ve practiced it and trained it here countless times I can’t [even] remember. Here, my coaches, we go over things, over and over and over again. Things that win fights. It’s so funny because my teammate, Kyle Adams, fought beforehand in a kickboxing match and he hit that sweep, over and over again. So the second I caught that kick, I just thought of my teammate throwing the sweep. I was like, ‘Alright, my turn.’”

Intense Walkout

The walkout seemed particularly intense for Marotte. He didn’t seem to believe so. Making the walk at Combat Zone 67 was not dissimilar to every walk he’s made to this point in his career.

“I’ll look a little pumped up but I’m calm in there. I’m not mad, I’m not angry, I’m cold. I am stone cold in there,” Marotte said. “I’m going in there and I’m going to take this guy out. If I’m walking out and I’m already ripping my shirt off, I’m just ready. I want to get in there, I want to get my hands on this guy. It’s not anger, it’s all controlled”.

CES Featherweight Title

With CES 53 rapidly approaching, Marotte shifted his focus towards the November card. Ultimately, the New England prospect wants a shot at the CES featherweight title. A few more wins inside the CES cage is what he believes separates him from an opportunity at gold.

“We’re trying to get back in November for CES because this fight was quick, [and] I’m fresh. As far as that CES belt, I’m 3-0. Three finishes, viciously. Two in the first round. I figure I rack up a couple more wins, they can’t deny me that belt. If it’s vacant, I’ll fight the toughest guy around. If [someone] has it at the time, you got to be ready because I am going in to finish fights as quickly and viciously as possible. No one is going to stop me from getting that belt.”

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