KSW on the Verge of Signing Popular Heavyweight Figure Martyn Ford

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KSW is making some buzz right now with KSW 45 just around the corner, talks of a potential Eddie Alvarez signing, and the potential of adding another popular figure to the heavyweight division. Martyn Ford, a bodybuilder and film actor with over 1 million Instagram followers, looks to be a potential new addition to a division already full of interesting characters.

Who is Martyn Ford?

Ford is a 6’2″ 310-lb. monster of a man who is a professional bodybuilder and actor. The 36-year-old English-born former Cricket player has starred in movies such as Robin Hood The Rebellion and Boyka: Undisputed. His insane diet consists of anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 calories per day. He breaks that down into eight meals a day. Ford has yet to compete in MMA but would be quite the attraction, especially in Europe, to the heavyweight division.

A Division of Characters

The KSW heavyweight division is one of the more popular divisions in all of MMA. Some of the best in the world, such as Phil De Fries and Karl Bedorf, call KSW home. More polarizing characters who made their name prior to entering KSW such as Popek Monster and Erko Jun, also make their home in the KSW heavyweight division. KSW would be an interesting landing spot for Ford as he could eventually be matched up with another strongman in Mariusz Pudzianowski.

KSW co-founder Martin Lewandowski stated to a Polish source an agreement is close to being finished. It looks like Ford will make his debut in 2019. It was also mentioned he would take on another debutant, rather than a seasoned veteran.

Make sure to catch KSW’s next event when the organization invades London, England for KSW 45. Catch the action here on ksw.tv. Also check back with MMA SUCKA for previews, up to date results, and results of all KSW and other MMA needs. 

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