The TUF 28 TUFtermath: Episode 5

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The TUF 28 TUFtermath

It’s week five of The Ultimate Fighter Season 28, and that means two more women will be throwing down! Team Whittaker is looking to build off Juliya Stoliarenko’s win last week, sending out Cuban Olympic medalist Michel Batista to take on Team Gastelum’s Josh Parisian.

The Big Three

#1) Wear Your Wounds – Despite taking a great deal of punishment in her fight last episode, Juliya Stoliarenko was partying in the pool later that night, bleeding from her nose as she drank till she puked. I propose that, between being shown with the bloody nose and partying till she puked, she henceforce be known as Juliya “W.K.” Stoliarenko.

#2) The Invite – Kelvin Gastelum made the invitation to Leah Letson to train with his team, as she’s having issues connecting with Robert Whittaker and his coaches. This very reminiscent of the situation between Lauren Murphy and Eddie Alvarez back in Season 26.

#3) Olympic Medals Don’t Make Money – Despite being an Olympic bronze medallist, much like Ronda Rousey was pre-UFC, former Cuban wrestling team member Michel Batista is still forced to work a crappy job when he’s not training. In Batista’s case, it’s as a security guard at a Cuban-focused night club in Miami. Just a reminder that the only people who profit from the Olympics are the IOC, not the athletes.

The Stock Report

Stock Hold: Michel Batista. For man who once beat Daniel Cormier in international competition, Batista’s wrestling did not seem to have adapted particularly well, at first. His game seems to be predicated on wearing opponents out with takedown after takedown, and that could lead to his undoing against a foe with better defense, or even an active guard game. His inabilit

The Fight

Round one of Michel Batista vs. Josh Parisian saw Batista catch a takedown within the first 20 seconds of the stanza, and quickly work to take the back of the Team Gastelum fighter. However, the DWTCS alumnus was able to scramble up to his feet before Batista could really secure the position. The Cuban fighter was able to retain a body lock from behind and again forced Parisian to the mat, but Josh sprang back to his feet and used the cage to help into the clinch. The cycle would continue, with Batista able to secure takdowns but not hold position, rendering his grappling relatively ineffective and his ground and pound spare at best. It wasn’t until the final two minutes that Batista could do any real damage or hold position on Parisian. With around 30 seconds left, Batista finally took Parisian’s back and attempted a rer naked choke, but couldn’t finish it before the bell.

The second round saw Josh Parisian able to land a kick before getting taken down by Michel Batista. Batista went straight into side control as Parisian scooted back to the cage in order to give himself a way to work back to his feet. Unfortunately, this would nearly prove his undoing as Batista brutalized him against the cage with a variety of strikes. Parisian was able to get back to his feet for a brief second, but was slammed back down by the Olympian in short order, and pounded out until the referee stepped in at 3:10. This would give Michel Batista the second round TKO victory

Next week, Team Whittaker looks to keep the momentum going as Leah Letson will go to war with Team Gastelum’s Bea Malecki in the third preliminary featherweight bout. Keep it locked to MMASucka.com for the next TUF 28 TUFtermath!

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