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Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night Full Review

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Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night took place Friday, October 26, 2018, from the Premier Indoor Soccer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The card was filled with 15 amazing battles along with two championship matchups. 10 of the 15 matchups ended by finish resulting in an action-packed night that can only be brought to you by the Louisiana MMA scene, namely Bayou Fighting Championship. For an abridged version of the night click here.

Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night

Dustin Poirier worked the corner all night for his Louisiana boys. Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

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Bayou Fighting Championship:
Capitol City Fight Night Full Review

Opening Bout of the Night

Nick Boudreaux of Gladiators Academy opened up the night with Nick Ives of Gracie United. The first two to three minutes, the contest was very back and forth, both fighters exchanging strikes. With about two minutes left, Boudreaux began to find his rhythm looked as if he was doing enough to take the round. With about 10 seconds left in the bout, Ives dropped Boudreaux with a strike. Ives pounced on top dropping down shots. Boudreaux was saved by the bell as Ives looked seconds away from the referee stoppage. However, the bout was called by the referee due to safety reasons as Boudreaux did not look stable in the corner between rounds.

The First Submission Finish of the Evening

Headkicks MMA‘s Zachary Herbert took to the cage as he battled the second Gracie United fighter of the night, Tyler Miller. The bout was a truly mixed battle. Both fighters showed their versatility on the feet and on the ground. Miller was able to look in a tight guillotine choke up against the fence but could not finish the resilient Herbert. Heading into the second round, Herbert locked in a standing arm triangle with Miller pressed up against the cage. Herbert was able to lead the standing arm triangle into a takedown. He quickly locked in the body lock and secured a rear naked choke. Herbert kept the RNC locked in and was able to get the finish for the submission victory.

Heavyweight Throwdown

Larry Bradford of the hometown TWebb MMA took to the cage for a heavyweight slugfest with Headkicks MMA fighter Cody Turner. The fight started out with Turner landing a couple groin strikes that slowed the action down a bit. After both fighters got into their rhythm, the two exchanged big shots, with Bradford landing the more devastating strikes. In the second round, Bradford took dominating control of the standup game, after landing a big takedown Bradford went to a dominant position and began dropping down absolute destructive strikes leading to the TKO stoppage victory.

Impressive Ground Performance

Darence Brooks from the Gracie United fight team displayed an amazing ground game in his matchup with Tru Bloodline MMA welterweight Gerald Davis. Early in the bout, Davis landed a takedown on Brooks, but as soon as the competitors landed on the ground Brooks instantly took control. Brooks locked in a triangle choke and eventually rolled into a top mount position, triangle choke still locked in. He began to land strikes from the top as Davis showed heart and continued to fight, causing Brooks to abandoned position and switch to side control. Nearing the bell, Brooks locked in a rear naked choke which looked to be locked in but the bell rang saving Davis’ night.

In the second round, Brooks continued to show his impressive grappling game. Brooks locked in a front-type headlock which he turned into a takedown with a gator-roll type maneuver in the takedown process. Brooks was able to transition nicely into back control with a body lock, locking in the rear naked choke. He continued to dominate the ground game though Davis fought hard at every turn.

The third round displayed more of Brooks’ dominant ground game. Davis attempted a strike but Brooks landed a single leg takedown and again locked in the RNC with a body lock. Brooks transitioned again to top position where he remained until the end of the round. Due to Brooks’ dominant ground control from bell to bell, he walked away with the unanimous decision.

Dominant Gladiator Performance

Mike Bruno of Gladiators Academy took to the cage against challenger Eddie Easterling. Early in the bout the two fighters exchange some back and forth striking. Easterling was able to land a takedown but Bruno brought the fight back to the feet as quick as it went to the ground. Both fighters locked up near the cage with Bruno landing a huge takedown. The round came to a conclusion with Bruno dropping heavy bombs nearly ending the fight if the round had a few seconds left. The first round ended with Bruno dominating.

The second round was more of the first with Bruno controlling the round bell to bell. Mostly ground control with Bruno showing his ability to control Easterling. In the third round, Easterling attempted a standing guillotine choke and used his feet to jump down to the ground. Doing this enabled Bruno to immediately take top control and drop down shots. Bruno continued his reign of terror upon Easterling, ending the bout in total control. Bruno very easily took a unanimous decision.

Young Rising Prospect Makes Statement in Debut

18-year-old TWebb MMA standout prospect, Nakia Brown, debuted against Edward Gonzalez of TruBloodline MMA. The former Louisiana state wrestling runner-up, Brown, displayed his solid takedown defense very early in the first round. Brown landed a head kick which sent Gonzalez back toward the fence. After a solid clinch-up by Brown, he landed several knees to Gonzalez that had the TruBloodline MMA member reeling. Brown threw several more headkicks with accuracy. Going into the final seconds of the round, Brown locked in a very tight standing guillotine choke. Gonzalez was saved by the bell. Just a few more seconds and Gonzalez would have tapped.

Brown continued to show his new-found striking game. Though only graduating high school this same year, he showed the quick evolution of his striking. Due to a major cut, the referee stopped the fight awarding Brown the TKO victory. “It felt fantastic under those lights with everyone watching,” Brown told MMASucka. “Just ready to get back in the ring!”

Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night

Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

Dominating Performance in the Women’s Division

The lone women’s strawweight matchup of the night saw Sarah Davila of Gracie United take on Mattie Marshall who traveled from Killer Bees Shreveport. The first round consisted of both fighters using their striking and clinch game. Davila was more dominant in the clinch landing many big strikes.

In the second round, Davila locked up a standing guillotine choke and took Marshall down, rolling onto for top control. Davila was able to lock in a triangle choke and well as lock in an armbar. Marshall had no choice but to tap giving Davila the mounted armbar victory. Davila’s armbar finish earned her the submission of the night.

Fastest Finish of the Night

Earning Knockout of the Night honors was Logan Speyrer of Team Juggernaut. Speyrer took his exceptional striking game into the cage against TWebb MMA’s Jake Foster. Six seconds into the bout, Speyrer landed a devastating head kick that stopped the bout instantly. Speyrer is 3-0 in his young career and has all the potential in the world to carry the Louisiana MMA torch.

Gladiators Academy vs. TruBloodline MMA Part I

Tyson Labit of Gladiators Academy took on Cody Suggs of TruBloodline MMA in the first of two meetings on this night between the fight camps. Labit dominated the first round with his heavy strikes and takedowns. Labit could have very easily taken the first round 10-8. The second round began the same the first round ended. Labit was landing dominant strikes before landing the takedown and ending Suggs’ with a submission in round two.

Height Advantage Does Not Always Matter…

The 6’6″ Killer Bees Shreveport representative, Jessie Henry, took his exceptional reach advantage into the cage as he took on Soul Fighters’ Chris Crosby. Henry used his long frame to, as expected, keep the fight on the feet. Crosby was eventually able to get the fight to the ground. After locking in an armbar, Henry picked up Crosby and put him back down with a hard slam. Crosby never let go of the armbar and was quickly able to make Henry tap, claiming a first-round submission victory.

The Obvious Fight of the Night Winner

In the Fight of the Night winner, Jonathan King of Gracie United coached by UFC fighter Kurt Holobaugh, took on Austin Gary of Gladiators Academy in an amazing showdown. All three rounds were very competitively fought. Gary landed a takedown in the first round on King, but King was able to reverse to the advantage eventually locking in a guillotine choke. King let the choke go and both fighters rose to their feet. Both exchanged solid jabs with about 45 seconds left. As the bell rang to end the round, both fighters looked to have an argument to take the round.

Similar to the first round, Gary was able to land a big takedown early. Gary eventually worked his way to the top and locked in a heel hook. Both fighters exchanged the advantage on the mat ending with King landing some heavy hammer fists as the bell rang to end the second round. Again, another very back and forth round that could have gone either way.

As with the first two round, the third round was just as entertaining. Gary landed a right hand and worked his way to the takedown. While on the ground, Gary was able to lock in a crucifix on the left arm before landing a few good strikes. King was able to break free of the crucifix but Gary kept his control. The bell rang to end the fight with both fighters believing they did enough for the victory. As expected, a close decision was called, as Gary walked away with the split decision victory.

Back to Winnings Ways

After a couple of rough outings, AJ Fletcher of Gladiators Academy, put on a dominant performance against Kevin Smith of TruBloodline MMA in the teams’ second meeting of the night. Though wrestling was not Fletcher’s strength, he put on a dominant wrestling performance. “I wanted to show how I’ve rounded out my game over the past couple of fights,” Fletcher said to MMASucka. “That was definitely my Achilles heel in the past, and I feel now it’s one of my strengths. Without those losses, I don’t think I would’ve been capable of putting on the performance I did.”

Fletcher began the first round working on the legs of Smith with leg kicks. Fletcher was able to use his new-found wrestling to score a big takedown on Smith. Smith was able to get the fight back standing and began to throw very heavy shots toward Fletcher. Fletcher was able again to get Smith down to the ground though Smith was able to get the action back to the feet again to close out the first round.

In round number two it was more of a ground game affair with both fighters vying for position throughout. This was a very closely contested round with the judges able to go either way on this one.

Round three began with Smith landing some big shots that shoot Fletcher just for a second. Fletcher was able to compose himself very well and shoot in for a double leg takedown landed beautifully. Fletcher was able to keep control on the mat until the bell rang to end the bout. With his strong performance, Fletcher took the unanimous decision victory on all judges’ scorecards. Fletcher sustained a rough nose injury but told MMASucka he’s hoping to be back in action soon, possibly around January.

Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night

Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

Capitol City Fight Night AMMY Featherweight Title Matchup

In the main event of the amateur portion of the card, TWebb MMA featherweight Haiden Parish took on Gladiators Academy’s own Tyrek Malveaux. Parish was able to acquire early possession of the matchup by latching onto the back of Malveaux. He was unable to shake off Parish, adding Parish in controlling most of the first round. Malveaux was finally able to work his way free from Parish and landed solid, debilitating strikes. The bell rang with Malveaux in control dropping strikes.

Malveaux took control early in the second round working with leg kicks. He was eventually able to work in his strikes to earn the TKO stoppage and acquire the featherweight championship. On becoming the champion Malveaux stated, “It feels good. That was a team win from top to bottom. My guys and I, we put a lot of work and time into one another. I knew he would come out strong and the plan was to just come out stronger. Tim [Credeur] told me not to worry about winning or losing, just perform to the best of my ability. When you don’t worry about winning or losing it helps you stay composed.” When asked when he would like to get back in the cage he made it clear, “I’ll go again whenever.”

The Co-Main Event

Coach of Gracie United, Josh Davila, opened up the professional portion of the card against TruBloodine MMA’s Warren Stewart. Both fighters were hungry for a win to get back on the winning path. Stewart controlled the standup portion of the fight throwing an array of kicks including at one point an ax kick. Once the fight got to the ground, Davila naturally took over and took control. With about 30 seconds left in the round, Stewart was able to gain the control on the ground and threw down strikes until the round ended. The first round could have gone either way. Stewart was unable to answer the bell due to getting sick so Davila was declared the winner via referee stoppage.

Main Event Lightweight Championship Battle

The main event of the evening was for the Capitol City Fight Night lightweight championship. The matchup pitted the head coach of TWebb MMA, Thomas Webb, against head coach of TruBloodline MMA, Rey Trujillo. Webb, a Baton Rouge native, was the clear hometown favorite, with the crowd on its’ feet during his walk down the aisle. Once the cage door closed and the bell rang, Webb put on a clinic with his amazing combinations, foot movement, and head movement. Webb, on multiple occasions, landed three and four punch combos, dodge an incoming strike, and roll clear from the engagement. Trujillo decided to shoot for takedowns but Webb used that wrestling background to stuff the takedown attempts.

In the second round, Webb continued to dominate on the feet but utilized his wrestling game, wrapping Trujillo up low and dropping him to the mat. Webb worked his way to top control with about two minutes left in the round. Also of note, Webb displayed amazing reaction time, dodging and ducking nearly every shot Trujillo threw his way. The second round was another solid take for Webb.

Round three Webb continued where he left off in the last two rounds. Webb’s dominant striking game and takedown defense left Trujillo with no more options. Webb continued to control the battle all the way up until the bell. When the announcement came, it was no surprise Webb was named, by unanimous decision, the lightweight champion.

The Future

Follow MMASucka for all of your MMA needs. Louisiana is one of the hottest bed for MMA in the country and MMASucka will always bring you the very best in Louisiana’s MMA scene. Bayou Fighting Championship will return to New Orleans for Bayou Fighting Championship 33: Battle of New Orleans. Stay tuned to MMASucka and for all of your needs on one of the nations top and fastest growing MMA organizations.  

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