ROAD FC 50 Results: Jung Young Lee wins Featherweight Championship, Fujita wins third-straight

Jung Young Lee (Photo via ROAD FC)

ROAD Fighting Championship’s brought a fun ROAD FC 50 card to Daejeon, South Korea over the weekend. The event was broadcasted live on DAZN, and the replay can be found on YouTube.

Featherweight king Mu Gyeom Choi had his retirement fight, as he looked to make his fourth title defense against Jung Young Lee.

ROAD FC 50 Results: Jung Young Lee wins Featherweight Championship, Fujita wins third-straight

The two engaged in a very technical striking match. Choi got a knockdown in round one as Lee got some payback with a knockdown of his own in round two. In the third round, Lee was able to score another big knockdown. By this time, the damage on Choi’s face was beginning to show. Ultimately, Lee earned the unanimous decision win to become the new ROAD FC Featherweight Champion.

The co-main event was a battle between two Asian legends and PRIDE FC veterans. It didn’t last long, though. Kazuyuki Fujita landed a left-hook early to drop Mu Bae Choi along the fence before pounding away for a quick (T)KO win. This makes the 48-year-old Fujita 3-0 in 2018 with three knockouts.

Young Gi Hong faced Koji Nakamura and showed a ton of flash in the process. He put on a show for his hometown fans using his wild taekwondo kicks over the course of three rounds to take the decision win.

Jae Nam Yoo and Yi Moon Han had a very anticipated rematch. In the first fight, Yoo made a mistake a released a tight submission too early, and Han wound up earning the submission win as a result. The same mistake wasn’t made here, though. Han shot in for a double leg in round two, but Yoo defending with a guillotine to eventually tap Han on the ground.

Yuri Shim and So Hee Lim had a very fun bout that featured a little bit of everything. It was Shim who did better with the grappling and takedowns to take the decision win. In the first main card bout of the night, Gun Oh Shim rushed Jae Hyuk Heo early for the 23-second stoppage.

During the prelims, dubbed Young Guns 40, Dong Hwan Lim knocked down Jung Hyo Park with a punch before locking in the fight-ending guillotine and sleeping Park. Gi Won Ko and Young Han Kim engaged in a wild brawl that resulted in Ko scoring a vicious faceplant knockout in round two.


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