Onnit 6 Kettlebell Review: Week 2

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Over the course of the next six weeks, I will endure a transformation. Well, hopefully. Onnit has introduced an all-new at home workout system called Onnit 6.

The program that I will be doing from the comfort of my living room for the next six weeks is the kettlebell one. However, there is also an Onnit 6 Bodyweight series as well. Just in case you aren’t as inclined to push your body through the kettlebell training.

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A brief overview of the system

The website classifies the Onnit 6 Kettlebell system as “A full-body, transformative workout you can do in the comfort of your own home in just six weeks.”

The world’s first-ever truly
holistic kettlebell
transformation plan.

On to my training.


The weekend was a bit of a disaster. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a bad weight way. The family went on a road trip down south to the United States and food was definitely on the agenda. I did not sit back and watch the rest of the bunch indulge, while I watched. Instead, I partook in the action and the weight came back to around what I started at in week 1. Don’t worry, I’ll kick its butt again for week 2 and hopefully be down more than I was in week 1.

Starting weight: 198.7lbs (We will only show the starting weight and finishing weight for week 2)

Day 1

Persist and Endure 1

The start of week 2 began with Persist and Endure 1, which was something that was made familiar in week 1.

It was nice to have some consistency coming into this week, so I wasn’t thrown a bit of a twist.

A lot of the exercises were done on the advanced level this time around.

Day 2

Work Fast, Recover Faster

I love, love, love work fast, recover faster. It’s actually more of a love, hate relationship, but the love is a little more present.

20-rounds of action, with a ton of sweat being thrown onto the floor from the kettlebell work.

Upping the ante was the name of the game for this workout today. Pushed the pace, killed the form and absolutely rocked the reps in order to get the most out of my 20-minute, 20-round workout.

Bring on Yoga tomorrow morning.


Day 1 (Again)

A bit of a change in plans. Unfortunately, my body was acting up last week. As I mentioned in week 1, I had a previous accident and had some issues with the body. A little bug hit me as well, so I paused until today.

Waking up at 5:30 a.m. this morning after having a rough sleep did not get me motivated for today’s workout. But… prior to hitting the kettlebells, I opened my email and noticed a comment on this very post. Who was it from you ask? The man himself, John Friggin Wolf.

You can check out the comment below, which read,

“Hey Jeremy!

Stumbled across these posts and wanted to thank you for sharing your experience.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns I can help answer.


How pumped up to workout am I after this? Well, let’s just say I absolutely obliterated Persist and Endure 1 and will be looking forward to tomorrow, knowing that John Wolf has been keeping up with my journey.

Persisting is what I will do.

Day 2 (Again)

After a kickass workout yesterday and being pumped up by the man John Wolf, I had a pretty awesome Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class last night. And following the class, something even cooler went down. I was just about to walk out the door when one of the owners of my academy said, “Hey Jeremy, I have a question for you?” So like any sane person, I said, “For sure.” She went on to ask, “Would you be interested in teaching some classes here?” It boggled my mind that they would even think of me when asking to teach classes. I am a two-stripe purple belt but have been training for a long time. I took quite a hiatus, but at my academy, there are a ton of high-level guys and the fact that she asked me–mind blown.

This tiny token of appreciation, much like yesterday with Mr. Wolf, went a long way today for me to get up and push myself to the fullest extent.

So today, work fast, recover faster was on the docket and I am huffing and puffing just writing this. There was no recovery time between finishing the workout and putting my fingers to the keyboard.

I really enjoy this workout and think if you got your hands on this bad boy you would too. Pushing through 40 seconds or more of work, with three exercises and about 20 seconds rest for 20 rounds feels amazing. Not just during the workout, but in the end, you feel almost complete.

Have a great day, and I hope you are able to have even a small ray of sunshine to guide you through these 24 hours.

Day 3

I will say this again, well I think I said it last week–I hate yoga. It’s not so much the poses that I can’t stand, it’s the repetitiveness of it.

The constant downward dog, to cobra, to this, to that. However, it does make sense in terms of cooling the body down and stretching it out after some serious kettlebell work for the first two days of the week.

The almost hour yoga workout puts you in control of your entire body with some great stretches. If you can get over the repetitive nature of yoga, this will be a nice little recovery for your body.

Not much else to say about that.

Day 4

Yesterday was a long day. A field trip at work to the Vancouver Art Gallery and then Jiu-Jitsu at night. Lets just say it felt good to choke some people out after a long day at the art gallery with little kids.

Waking up this morning was easy. I wanted to work out today. I can say Persist and Endure 1 was just what the doctor ordered.

The grind was fantastic. The sweat was pouring out. And the muscle fatigue was right where it needed to be.

We are only two weeks in, but starting to feel fantastic with this program.

The weekend is ahead, but with a few days off, the weekend doesn’t mean rest, it means pushing even harder.

Tomorrow is my favorite, Yoga–NOT.

PS. Another field trip today. This time to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. I will need that yoga tomorrow.

Day 5

Yoga was on the mind this morning. Actually the mind was clear, and yoga filled the room.

I noticed this morning that I must have missed a day. I will not go back and mess with things. Instead, I will push forward to the recovery program tomorrow and throttle through to week 3.

Stepping on the scale immediately after getting out of bed and going to the bathroom, I was quite pleased with what I saw. I will not post the weight I am today, instead will keep it a surprise for what it will be on day 1 of week 3.

Tomorrow is recovery and then back to kick ass with the third trimester of this series on Monday.

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  • Frankie says:

    Hey how many kettlebells do you need for this workout and what weights? I’m interested in starting it, but I’ve never done any kettlebell stuff before and need to get some.

    • Jeremy Brand says:

      They suggest having three, with three different weights. However, I only have one and it’s quite light weight. You only need to use one per workout and despite having only a light weight one makes no difference, because you can focus on form. It still kicks my butt. Give it a shot man.

  • John Wolf says:

    Hey Jeremy!

    Stumbled across these posts and wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns I can help answer.


  • Jonas says:

    I’m in week 4. Love it, been doing kettelbells for a while and have been enjoying this. I think I’m getting in better shape. The yoga and stretching help, since I never did yoga and barely stretch. I’m 49 and the stretching helps me fee pain free and I think my posture is better.

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