Bayou Fighting Championship: Battle of New Orleans 33 Full Review

Battle of New Orleans 33
For the final Bayou Fighting Championship event of the year, Louisiana fans got a night to remember.

Bayou Fighting Championship took to the Copeland Tower in Metairie, Louisiana for their final show of the year. The nine-fight card was stacked with four professional fights, three title fights, and the main event controversy. Fighters from all over the country competed for a capacity crowd with fans on their feet from the opening bell. As always, the best M.C. in all of MMA, “Dynamite” David Hardy Jr., opened up the evening and continued his high energy ring introductions until the night concluded. Promoter and founder¬†Joey Ancona and co-promoter, “Crazy” Tim Credeur, put on another incredible show, showing Louisiana is the hot spot for regional MMA action. Check out the full review of Battle of New Orleans 33!

Battle of New Orleans 33 Review

The Opening Bout

To open up the action, Mid City‘s [New Orleans] Julian Orozco took on Jake Spray from Highlander Gym in Tampa Florida in the bantamweight division. The bout began with the two exchanging strikes. Orozco scored the first real points of the matchup with a big slam takedown. After the bout returned to the feet, Spray would return the takedown near the end of the round but Orozco ended up in control and locking in a triangle choke. The two returned back to their feet where Spray caught a body kick and turned it into a takedown as the round expired.

Spray landed a few takedowns but Orozco always in control, with the second round consisting mostly of grappling. The pace slowed down a bit in the third round. Orozco took side control on the ground to start out the round. Spray ended the round with a series of strikes, leading to a takedown. Spray’s late push was not enough to earn him the win as Orozco was victorious via unanimous decision.

Kickboxing Matchup

The second fight of the evening was a kickboxing exhibition between Steven Peters of BMAC New Orleans and Ghazi Khan of Gracie Barra Westchase. The contest was a good back and forth battle throughout. Peters had a clinch on Ghan in the first round but was unable to do any real damage as Ghan blocked most of the knees. All three rounds consisted mostly of the two exchanging strikes. With about ten seconds left in the bout, both fighters began swinging haymakers bringing the crowd to its feet. In the end, the judges ruled Peters the winner via unanimous decision.

First Finish of the Night

Our first finish of the night came in the third fight of the night as Ray Lopez of NOLA BJJ took on Dave Davis from NKI in Knoxville, Tennessee. Lopez went to work quick landing a takedown and positioning Davis into an inverted triangle choke. Lopez then transitioned to a rear naked choke. Davis was quickly flattened and Lopez started raining down shots with Davis laying on his stomach being saved by the bell.

Davis started the second round swinging heavy haymakers. Lopez remained calm and landed a single leg takedown after a miss-swing by Davis. Lopez went from side control to top mount very quickly. The second round took on the ending of the fist with Lopez raining down heavy shots but this time the referee calling an end to the action by ground and pound. Lopez is your winner by second-round TKO (ground and pound.)

Submission of the Night Winner

The first bout after the first intermission of the night break was BMAC New Orleans’ Coty Ziegler taking on another New Orleans fighter in Lionel Lewis of God of War. The matchup started with the two fighters exchanging strikes, feeling out their opponent. Ziegler landed the first scoring move of the night with a big takedown into side control. While in control, Ziegler went for a kimura submission which looked to be very close to being locked in tight. Lewis broke free and get to his feet all in one motion. Ziegler was able to get the fight back to the ground and ended the round going for a submission.

With Ziegler taking the first round, both fighters looked to slow down a bit from a very high pace first round. Ziegler pushed Lewis up the fence and locked in a standing guillotine choke for the victory.

Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight Finish

The first title fight of the night was for the Battle of New Orleans Amateur Bantamweight title. The matchup featured a rematch from Atlas Fights 33 earlier this year in July 2018. Abram Sellers, who was victorious by unanimous decision at Atlas Fights 33, from Gladiators Academy of Lafayette, took on Dustin Little from NKI in Knoxville, Tennessee. The two exchanged strikes before Sellers scored a takedown on Little. Both fighters returned to their feet with Little now landing a takedown of his own. While on the ground, Sellers locked in a tight triangle choke. Little went for the slam, which was successful but Sellers kept a tight grip on the triangle choke leading to the tapout by Little. Sellers was crowned the BNO amateur bantamweight champion.

Battle of New Orleans 33
Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

UFC Brother with Very Impressive Debut

Professional fights began with Johnny Cardona representing Highlander MMA Tampa, Florida taking on Junior Oliveira of BMAC. Oliveira is the brother of UFC fighter Charles Oliveira. Charles just recently set the UFC records for most submissions all time setting the record with 11, breaking the record held by Royce Gracie.

After some striking exchanges, the fight went to the ground with Cardona taking back control. Junior took control on the ground before Cardona was able to gain control back for a very short time. Once the fight returned to the feet, the two exchanged strikes with Cardona possibly getting the better of the exchange. Instead of keeping it standing, Cardona went for the takedown, landing in top control. Cardona delivered big shots but Junior ate the shots without hesitation. Junior took control flipping positions and dropping his own devastating shots from the top before securing an anaconda choke for the tapout.

Battle of New Orleans 33
Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

American Top Team Represented in Dominating Fashion

American Top Team was represented very nicely by Michael Lombardo in his 175-pound matchup against Andrew Sosa of Dallas, Texas. Lombardo cracked Sosa with a very hard job, seconds into the first round. He transitioned it into a successful double-leg takedown. After Lombardo started to rain down devastating shots, Sosa covered his head while Lombardo continued to deliver cracking shots. The referee was lead to deem a stoppage for a first round TKO victory by Lombardo. Some fighters have an aura when they perform. Lombardo is one of those and there is no doubt he will compete in the UFC sometime in 2019.

Battle of New Orleans 33
Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

Hometown Champion Defends His Throne

In the co-main event of the night hometown phenom Jewel “Kid Diamond” Scott representing Title Boxing and Mushin New Orleans defended his BNO featherweight title against Calvin Martin from Cyclone BJJ New Orleans. Scott received an amazing ovation from the home crowd with the energy filling the air. The contest started with the two exchanging strikes, each having their share of control. A few of the takedowns ended with Scott landing a takedown after success in the striking exchanges. Scott would immediately show his superior ground game ending up in the more dominant position. The first round ended with Scott in control.

The second round started with a flurry of strikes from both opponents, raising the crowd to its feet. Scott eventually put the fight back on the ground and dropping bout-ending strikes showing his ground game was ready for the task of a tough opponent in Martin. The referee entered the fray to save Martin, awarding Scott the victor and his bantamweight title.

Battle of New Orleans 33
Photo courtesy of Jodi Bricker

Cloud of Controversy in the Welterweight Title Main Event

Our main event of the evening featured Slidell Police Department officer Scott O’Shaughnessy fighting out of VIDA Jiu-Jitsu New Orleans as he defended his BNO welterweight title against a very tough Chris Anthony from Evolutions Fight Systems. The action started off slow with a lot of cage-clinching going on. Anthony would eventually get the advantage in the clinch and deliver a hard low blow that stopped the bout for a few minutes allowing O’Shaughnessy to recover. O’Shaughnessy attempted to land a takedown several times on Anthony but was unable to get down the very strong Evolutions Fight Systems competitor. After Anthony locked in another successful clinch and threw a knee, O’Shaughnessy stated to the referee that another low blow was thrown, causing another stop to the action. Several members of the crowd protested the low blow.

Controversy Continues

The second round saw Anthony show a controlling clinch game, landing some huge elbows. The cage-clinch was where most of the second round occurred. O’Shaughnessy again told the referee another low blow was landed to which the bout was stopped again. O’Shaughnessy was visibly upset with the referee stating to the referee, “that’s six times he low-blowed me,” punching the mat a few times in frustration. O’Shaughnessy was able to resume combat after a few minutes to recover. The round ended with Anthony landing a few standing strikes.

Scott attempted to takedown Anthony but was unfortunately still unsuccessful in his attempts. A majority of the battle ensued on the cage, as did this round. Nearing the end of the round, Anthony landed a takedown and went straight into side control. The bout continued with Anthony in control on the ground and landing another last-second takedown. The judges made their decision and awarded Anthony as the winner by majority decision crowing him the new champion as the BNO welterweight king.

Award Winners

Knockout of the Night- Michael Lombardo

Submission of the Night- Coty Ziegler

Fight of the Night- Junior Oliveira vs. Johnny Cardona

Battle of New Orleans 33 was a huge success with all nine bouts having their positive talking points. Lafayette, LA will be the host site for the next Bayou Fighting Championship installment. The return of Fightville will showcase Fightville 3 on Friday, January 18, 2018. Make sure to visit for ticket information in the coming weeks.


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