LFA’s 55 Adrian Yanez Talks Main Event Bout for the Vacant Bantamweight Title

Adrian Yanez
Adrian Yanez sucks in the emotion after a stoppage victory. Photo Courtesy of LFA.

Adrian Yanez (7-2 MMA) is making a name for himself within the Legacy Fighting Alliance organization. He takes on Miles Johns (7-0 MMA) November 30th, at LFA 55 for the vacant bantamweight title.

The now 25-year-old prospect looks to solidify himself as the best bantamweight under the promotional banner as he takes on undefeated Miles Johns for the bantamweight title. Both prospects are clearly the best in the division within the LFA organization, making this fight a must-watch.

“I’m just so ready to be in Dallas, so ready to get the fight going. I am super excited,” Yanez began telling MMASucka. “(Training) went very well, we brought in some wrestlers to help deal with Miles Johns wrestling… This training camp has been the best training camp I have ever had.”

When asked how long this training camp was – Yanez claimed the camp began in August. Since breaking his hand, he hasn’t left the gym. He focused upon sharpening his game.

“In September I started to look for a fight. Then in October, I started to really push for a fight and then this fight showed up. Technically, I’ve been training for four months but the full intensity probably started (at) the beginning of October.”

How did you get involved in Legacy Fighting Alliance?

“I started off with Legacy Fighting Championship with their amateur circuit… I had all my amateur fights with them, I was already in contact with (their management and PR teams).”

Such an opportunity for a fighter to start within an organization as an amateur, then work their way up to a title shot is definitely a special moment.

Adrian’s only lost under the LFA banner came at LFA 7 where he took on Domingo Pilarte. He lost via split decision.

“He was out-wrestling me a little bit. I was stuffing first and second shots but the third and fourth were getting to me. I had never, at that point, dealt with someone who chained their wrestling like that. It changed my mindset towards it and it made me want to adjust. And it made me not doubt myself because, in the first round, I was a little green and a little timid to throw my offense.”

Since that loss, Adrian was able to win back-to-back fights. His last two wins propelled him to the title shot he is getting now.

“You (have) to take it one fight at a time. I can’t look back because if I look back, I get stuck in the past. You got to keep looking forward and pushing forward. I don’t want to be looking back at my past accomplishments and then get stuck there… My last fight was a knockout that went viral, (and) as much as I love the publicity from that fight, I have to keep moving forward.”

Miles Johns is a strong wrestler – but Adrian is well aware of that already.

“I see a lot of holes in his stand-up. His wrestling is really good. I’ve seen he has a good blast-double… (I can say) my boxing is better, and I have better footwork… His stand-up is good, but I see the holes.”

Even at such a young age, Adrian is showing signs of maturity as he approaches this fight.

“I’m the kind of person who likes to look at the mistakes [of my opponents]. And I know whenever I’m in there, I like to capitalize on their mistakes.”

Miles Johns is coming into this fight with a spotless record. He has beaten all of his opponents in his professional career. However, that doesn’t seem to bother Adrian.

I used to be terrified of undefeated fighters

“I used to be terrified of undefeated fighters. But I kind of look at it now, once I lost my undefeated record I kind of look back and (say), ‘everybody is human and anyone can lose.’ At this point in time, you’re going to be facing tough fighters. You are going to lose one (or so). Unless your name is Khabib [Nurmagomedov]. Everybody is going to lose one and I think it’s my turn to give him his loss. I have a true belief in my ability… I have the full confidence that I can beat this guy.”

How does an Ideal 2019 go for Adrian Yanez?

Not looking past his opponent, but seeing how Adrian sees his 2019 play out for him. “It’s either I defend my LFA belt or I go into the UFC. One of the two. I am gunning for both actually, in the beginning of the year. If the UFC calls me before I get to defend my belt then, I love what LFA has done for me but I do want to defend the belt. I want to defend the belt in Houston, my hometown, bringing it back to where it’s supposed to be.”

Make sure to catch Adrian Yanez THIS Friday at LFA 55 as he takes on Miles Johns for the vacant bantamweight belt. With a weekend packed with fights, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


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