Miles Johns Looks to Protect Undefeated Record in LFA 55 Title Fight

Miles Johns
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Miles Johns (7-0 MMA) is hunting the biggest win of his career this Friday. The 24-year-old Kansas native looks to continue his undefeated streak while winning the vacant bantamweight championship at Legacy Fighting Alliance 55, November 30th against Adrian Yanez.

No man has been able to stop Miles in the ring. The bantamweight prospect is looking to make it eight in a row this Friday at LFA 55. Aside from competing as a professional mixed martial artist, Miles Johns is also a full-time nursing student.

“I would say the school is more hours then when I’m out in the field because when I’m on the field, I do three 12-(hour shifts)…I have times when I do 12-hour shifts and I still work out before that at like 4:30 in the morning then go to the clinical and I think those days really molded me. They’re tough and they’re long but those types of days are needed, you know? When I’m working three days on and 4 days off, that’s 4 free days of training”.

On one side, he goes out and does everything he can to help people. Yet on the other side, he goes into an octagon to inflict the most pain he can against his opponents.

How does a nursing student get involved in the sport of mixed martial arts?

“I’ve wrestled my whole life, I always enjoyed combat sports…When I was younger I would fight against some bullies here and there. I just love fighting. It took me a while to understand myself and figure myself out and I got to a point where I know I just love to fight. It’s just who I am, I can’t deny that, I can’t avoid it and so it was just a natural progression into MMA…Ater my first amateur fight, I knocked my opponent out in 13 seconds and after that, I’ve just been addicted.”

The wrestling standout has seen immediate success since transitioning into mixed martial arts. When asked about the momentum building behind him, he had the following to say “I feel my career has gone a little bit slower than some others. It’s been a progression up until this point. I feel the momentum but I don’t feel any pressure. I know I’m getting the respect and I know there are some eyes on me but also I feel like some people aren’t aware of the talents that I have and that there could even be more momentum and even more of a push”.

“I feel like I could have been on the Contender Series last summer”

“There are guys who are ranked under me and are already signed to the UFC. So I feel like I need even more so that I can prove [how good I am]. Yeah, I feel it but I’m definitely ready to make it more, I’m ready to really make my run”. Johns continues that he has his eyes set on the UFC already. “I’m ready to get this belt, I’m ready to go to the UFC and I’m ready to make my run. I know when I get to the UFC I’m going to be ready”.

Before Miles can have his eyes set on the UFC, he has a tough opponent in Adrian Yanez first. “I think he is a well-rounded fighter. I know his boxing is probably one of his best attributes, he’s also a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, pretty slick with his armbars and triangles and things like that, but I do see some holes. I see holes in his boxing, wrestling, and his jiu-jitsu. I’m not too focused on him I know he is a good fighter – I mean of course we’re fighting for the LFA belt…I know he’s a dangerous fighter and I respect his skills but if I got out there and I fight the way I know how the best Miles Johns shows up that im going to get him out of there”.

“It’s more so focusing on myself”

But the last question Miles had to answer was – how does an ideal 2019 play out for Miles Johns?


That was enough to get the message across.

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