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‘RIZIN: Yarennoka!’ Press Conference Fighter Quotes

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‘RIZIN: Yarennoka!’ Press Conference Fighter Quotes

Last week it was announced that RIZIN would hold a surprise show on NYE dubbed ‘RIZIN: Heisei’s Last Yarennoka!’ – shortened to ‘RIZIN: Yarennoka!’ for convenience purposes.

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Well, last night at a press event in Japan, ‘RIZIN Yarennoka!’ received it’s first confirmed bouts. Four fights were announced, and all eight fighters involved provided quotes on their addition to the card.

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Satoru Kitaoka

Tatsuya Kawajiri:

“If a Japanese fighter were to be asked ‘Yarennoka?’, every single one would respond ‘of course!’ It has been twenty years since I started fighter, and this upcoming NYE will mark the last event of the Heisei era. Back when I started, the world of combat sports was rotating around the Japanese fight scene. Since then, much has happened throughout the years, both to me and the industry. But I do pride myself for constantly fighting on the front lines, despite all the rapid changes to the sport.”

“My opponent, Kitaoka, he has also fought through the history of this sport and continued to put himself on the front lines. Because of this, I do feel like he is a special opponent, someone who shares similar experiences to me, someone I respect. But, he is also an opponent I refuse to lose to and an opponent whom I must crush. I am confident he will be the best version of Kitaoka on NYE, so I plan to meet him with the best ‘Crusher’ Kawajiri.”

Satoru Kitaoka:

“I do believe I have a very smart mouth for a fighter. But, given my current situation, I’ve had bad luck and I am not entitled to make any comments or demands. However, if I am asked ‘Yarennoka’, I will always answer with ‘of course’.”

Yuta Uchida vs. Takuma Konichi

Yuta Uchida: 

“I am very excited to be able to fight on the prestigious NYE event once again. I have been training hard, I will be ready, and I cannot wait.”

Takuma Konishi: 

“I used to be a full-time firefighter and a part-time fighter. After the disasters in 2011, I thought about my life and what I truly wanted to pursue. I decided to commit to this sport and become a full-time fighter. My style is ultra-aggressive and I will never, ever back down. I promise to put out Uchida’s fire come fight day. The fight is in the morning, so that will take some adjustments, but I plan to win. And I plan to win in a great way.”

Kana Watanabe vs. Shizuka Sugiyama II

Kana Watanabe: 

“The fight is technically a rematch, but I have totally forgotten about the fact I beat her last year. I know she is a super tough opponent, so I will fight her a challenger. Last year when we first fought, I was still very new and green in this sport. So I would like to show everybody how I have evolved as a fighter. I plan to put on a fight that beats any other fight on the RIZIN 14 card, so look forward to that.”

Shizuka Sugiyama: 

“I used to be a big fan of the Yarennoka! events, so I am very happy to be part of one now. I didn’t care who the opponent was, I just wanted to fight. But deep inside I did have a desire for revenge. I have been active in other promotions, and there has been many offers for me to fight Kana Watanabe. But, I was determined. The next I see her, I wanted it in a RIZIN ring again. I am extremely grateful for this chance, and I cannot wait to redeem myself.”

Jae Hoon Moon vs. Kai Asakura II

Jae Hoon Moon:

“I am happy to be back in RIZIN but I am disappointed that I have to face Kai Asakura. I just knocked him out cold last year. I do admit, since getting knocked out by me, he has gotten a bit better and become a little popular. But I have nothing to gain from this fight. If RIZIN and ROAD FC want this fight to happen, as a professional, I will take this fight. Kai Asakura better be prepared to get embarrassed again, this time in front of his home crowd.” 

Kai Asakura:

“I am so motivated to get this revenge against Moon. He is my only defeat since going professional, and I have always thought about this rematch. I have changed my training environment entirely since that fight and I am a totally different fighter now. I know I am better than him, and I will win this at whatever cost.”

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