MMASucka’s MMA Trivia Week 2

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The MMASucka boys are back for the second edition of MMA Trivia. If you missed the inaugural edition of MMASucka’s Trivia, you are in luck and the right place.

MMA Trivia

MMA Trivia is an ongoing contest between active MMASucka staff. The staff competes on a weekly basis over the course of the calendar year. A winner of MMA Trivia receives an award or gift which is undetermined at the moment if you have any suggestions for awards leave them in the comments on below. As for the loser of MMA Trivia, a similar fate will be presented to them. The loser will be forced to receive or complete a task which again is undetermined at the moment. Suggestions for this are not needed, yet if you feel the need please post below and make sure to keep them within the realm of possibility.

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Rules Meeting

On to the rules. The rules are fairly simple. There will be 5 rounds to MMA Trivia. The rounds consist of 3 regulation rounds and 2 championship rounds. In the regulation rounds, 6 questions will be asked. The first 5 questions are typical trivia questions worth a single point. Each sixth and final question of the regulation rounds is a bonus question. Bonus questions are wager based meaning, panel members may wager between 1-3 points, they can not wager 0. Upon answering correctly, members are rewarded the points they wager. Thusly, if they do not get the answers correct, they will be deducted the wagered points from their score. Rounds 4 and 5 operate similarly to the bonus questions of the regulation rounds.

Rounds 4 and 5, the championship rounds, both consist of a single question. The point system in these rounds are also wager based. Again, between 1-3 can be wagered. Wagering 0 points are not allowed. Contestants are allowed to wager more points than their scores, but as we found out on the first edition of MMA Trivia, scores can be negative. If panel member A has 2 points and wagers 3 on a bonus question, the panel members new score is -1.

Scores are cumulative, meaning they transfer over from week to week. Winners and losers are determined through this method of cumulative scores.

Panel Week 2

This week in MMA Trivia, the panel consists of two familiar faces and one new. Ed Gallo and Wesley Riddle return to the gauntlet known as MMASucka’s MMA Trivia, while Mitch Banuelos made his first appearance.

The standings are as so heading into week number two:

  1. Ed Gallo, 0.4
  2. Matt Bricker, -1
  3. Wesley Riddle, -2.8

    MMA Trivia Week 2

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