Brave CF 20: Interview with the “Undefeated Indian” Kantharaj Aghasa

Kantharaj Aghasa
The Undefeated Indian (Credits: Instagram Hari Bhagirath)

Brave CF will conduct one of its biggest events in Asia in Hyderabad, India on the 22nd of December. This massive fight card features some of the best talents in the nation. It also has India’s undefeated MMA superstar, Kantharaj Aghasa fighting the Jordanian prospect Jalaal Al Daaja.

Kantharaj Aghasa is on a 10-fight win streak and still in great shape to make it even better. I caught up with this undefeated Indian ahead of his big fight this weekend. Here are the excerpts of our conversation.

1) This is the first time you are competing in a truly global MMA promotion. How does it feel to be part of Brave CF?

“This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills before a large audience, and a good opportunity for me to assess my skills. I thank Brave CF for giving me this opportunity to fight on the Brave 20 card.”

2) You will be facing Jordanian prospect Al Daaja next, who has competed against some of the best in Brave CF like Jeremy Pacatiw. What are your thoughts on this matchup?

“He is a good fighter, and I am a good fighter too. I am ready for this fight. Let’s see how it goes.”

3) You have successfully transitioned from an advanced Judoka to a well-rounded MMA fighter with an undefeated win streak. Can you tell us a bit about your growth as a fighter and early days of training?

“I am coming from a traditional wrestling background. My family exposed me to wrestling at a young age, I’m part of the fourth generation of wrestlers in my family.

Later I took up Judo, then I taught myself basic striking and worked on improving that. Once I became professional I got an opportunity to train under some good guidance from some top coaches too. I always train and I’m always ready for a fight.”

4) The Jordanian team recently stated that heavily buffed up fight records are among the major hindrances for MMA fighters in India. As an undefeated Indian MMA fighter, what’s your take on this statement?

“They are free to voice their opinion, I have no problem with that. I know the things I have gone through to reach where I am today, the struggles, the hard work, et cetera.

I will give my best on the fight night and I don’t have anything against anyone for the statements they made about me or my friends.”

5) Can you tell us a bit about your last super fight against Indian MMA veteran Chaitanya Gavali? How did it feel to win that fight?

“Chaitanya is one of the best grapplers in India. He is a veteran of the sport and I respect him. It was a good victory for me, I worked hard for the tournament and it was special for me to win it before the Bangalore crowd.”

6) You made your win streak to two digits with a win against team UAE in Kumite a few months back. How was the experience of fighting in the hexagonal ring? Do you prefer a cage or a ring for a fight?

“It feels good to win a fight. I liked fighting in the Kumite ring. It was a good fight too. But It really does not matter for me, if its a ring or a cage. All it matters to me is the fight. And I stay focused and relaxed and implement my game plan.”

7)As one of the best grapplers in the nation, what is your take on the BJJ scene in India?

“It is very commercial in India. There are good BJJ gyms coming up here with good instructors. But the majority is just business. All they care about is making money, it should change and BJJ should be easily accessible to the young. Only then we can see it becoming popular in India.”

8) Finally, Do you have any predictions for your next fight?

“I don’t have any predictions. I can say that I am ready for this challenge and I will give my best on fight night.”


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