Coty Ziegler: One of Louisiana’s Rising Stars

The next generation of Louisiana MMA fighters are beginning to enter the fray as the next superstars to represent the state. One of those is Coty Ziegler. After switching weight classes which was better suited for his build, Ziegler pulled off a submission of the night to win and set himself up for a bright future in his new division.

Getting the First Big Victory

Ziegler’s most recent appearance in a cage came at Bayou Fighting Championship: Battle of New Orleans 33 in November 2018. In the matchup Ziegler fought a fellow New Orleans fighter in Lionel Lewis. The first round was a good mix of standing and ground fighting. The round was hard-fought but Ziegler had the edge heading into the second round. The contest would come to an end after Zeigler caught Lewis in a standing guillotine choke leading to the tapout. Zeigler also earned submission of the night for his efforts.

“The end of 2018 has been nothing short of a blessing. I have a lot to be thankful for and I know this is just a glimpse of what is to come as I grow as a mixed martial artist,” Ziegler told MMA Sucka. “That submission of the night felt amazing. I come from a boxing background and me and my team at BMAC worked extensively to broaden and showcase my skills so I was very happy that I won it that way. I feel like that most rewarding fights are the ones where you see personal growth.”

The Future

So what’s next for Zeigler?

“As far as what’s next for me, I am setting my sights on competing for Bayou Fighting Championship in April. Speaking for the next five to ten years, however, I plan to continue to progress and go pro in my career on my journey,” Zeigler said to MMA Sucka.

Zielger is one of the first athletes under Top Level Management based out of the New Orleans area.

As the next torch bearers of Louisiana MMA prepare to take their next steps into the spotlight, look for Zeigler to continue to improve each matchup with his solid striking and ever improving ground game learning from some of the best in the game at GMAC in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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