Matt Hughes Dealt Restraining Order, Accused of Domestic Violence

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According to a report by TMZ, UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Hughes was served a restraining order filed by his wife Audra Hughes. She alleges that the former 2-time welterweight champion physically abused her on multiple occasions.

Included in the report, a second restraining order. The second court order stemmed from another family member of the fighter, Mark Hughes. Mark Hughes, the brother of Matt Hughes, filed his restraining order in September of last year.

Both orders are due to alleged physical abuse from former UFC fighter. In the case of his wife, she claimed the abuse began in 2017, following his recovery from a serious brain injury. In June 2017, Hughes was rushed to the hospital after being involved in an accident that saw his truck get struck by a train. His injuries were serious and the recovery was hard pressed. The incident left Hughes with a brain injury known as diffuse axonal injury (DAI).


DAI is a common type of traumatic brain injury. This injury is considered a major cause in keeping victims of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) unconscious in a vegetative state (coma). Around 90% of patients with DAI remain unconscious.

Alleged Abuse

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Audra Hughes alleges her husband unleashed gross tactics of physical violence against her. In one instance she describes Hughes assaulting her in the shower. His alleged assault apparently began when Audra Hughes refused to give her husband keys to his truck. Enraged, he began to choke her in their shower. The full episode of alleged domestic violence saw Hughes choke his wife and slam her against the shower wall.

After the shower incident, another bout of inexplicable violence occurred. Audra Hughes claimed that on December 12th, 2018, Matt Hughes struck her in front of her step-father and their son. It was then that she filed for a restraining order against, Hughes. A judge granted her request and Matt Hughes has since been ordered to stay 500 ft. from Audra Hughes and their children.

Mark Hughes Files a Restraining Order

As it pertains to the dispute between Mark and Matt Hughes. A restraining order also upheld against the former UFC fighter. Mark Hughes filed his court order in the final days of September. He cited an alleged incident between his brother (Matt Hughes) and his son. Allegedly, a dispute between the brothers over the ownership of a tractor bled over. According to Mark Hughes, his brother spotted his nephew on said tractor. In response to seeing his teenage nephew operating the tractor, Hughes grabbed the kid, shook him and verbally berated him.

As of now, Matt Hughes is yet to comment.

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