Kana Hyatt Looks to go to “War” with Mamoru “Fullswing” Uoi at RIZIN 16

Kana Hyatt
Kana "The One Man Riot" Hyatt takes on Shooto's Mamoru "Fullswing" Uoi at RIZIN 16 June 2. (Photo courtesy of RIZIN FF)

RIZIN 16 has a lot of great fights on the card. If there is one fight that is going to be a guaranteed brawl, it’s going to be Japan’s Mamoru “Fullswing” Uoi (21-6-5) vs. Hawaii’s Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt (16-19). The two clash Sunday, June 2 in Kobe at the Kobe Memorial World Hall.

How Hyatt got into MMA

Hyatt, 38, joins a long list of fighters who come from the 50th state, including UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway, former UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn, and Yancy Medeiros. What is it about Hawaii that breeds fighters? “Growing up in Hawaii, fighting is just automatic,” Hyatt said. “It’s just in the blood. We’re warriors.” Then a revelation happened. Instead of fighting on the streets for free, he learned that he could get paid to punch people. “When I found out you could get paid fighting, I jumped right on board.” He started off fighting in the Hawaii regional scene (including having a fight with former UFC featherweight Eddie Yagin). He has fought in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. Not only has he fought in MMA, but he has also fought in boxing, kickboxing and a bare knuckle match.

On his Opponent

Mamoru “Fullswing” Uoi is a Shooto fighter and former contender for the bantamweight championship. He has won 7 of his last 10 bouts, all by knockout, and has never been finished. Hyatt is not the least bit intimidated. “He brings it. I’m excited… It’s going to be a war. I’m getting pissed just talking about it. I can’t way to get out there.”

Goals After his RIZIN Debut

Hyatt said he only has this one fight with RIZIN but he is eager to fight again. And he doesn’t care who it is or what type of fight it is. He said it comes down to “Who I got to fight for the most money… Money talks.” When it came to specific fighters, he had eyes on a few people. He has history with both the current Shooto flyweight champion Hiromasa Ogikubo and Yusaku Nakamura (who is also fighting at RIZIN 16). Hyatt lost to both men back in Vale Tudo Japan. “You always want to avenge losses,” he said. He also said if offered a shot against RIZIN FF bantamweight champion Kyoji Horiguchi, he would take it in a heartbeat. “I’m in this to be the champ. If you’re in this game, you got to want to fight the champ.”

Mamoru “Fullswing” Uoi vs. Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt takes place at RIZIN 16 June 2nd 12:20AM ET/Jun 1, 9:20PM PT. The show will be at Kobe Memorial World Hall and be available for international viewers through FITE.tv.


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