Final X Lincoln Results

Final X Lincoln Results

USA Wrestling struck gold with the concept of “Final X“. Historically, US World and Olympic teams in freestyle and Greco-Roman were determined by wrestling through a massive tournament in one weekend. A defending World medalist could sit in the finals while their opponent had just wrestled multiple matches against the best in the country just to get to them. Questions arose as to whether or not this was the most effective way to put together an optimized team. From a marketing perspective, it was difficult to hype up those finals matches. Thus, a standalone event for the finals, Final X was born. Final X Lincoln will likely conclude the USA World team wrestle-offs for 2019. Check in throughout the day for live updated Final X Lincoln results.

The winners of the following best two-out-of-three series will go on to represent the United States in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan in the 2019 World Wrestling Championships.

Final X Rutgers Results

Session 2 (Men’s and Women’s Freestyle, Men’s Greco-Roman) 6 PM CT

Women’s FS 62 kg – Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC) vs. Kayla Miracle (Hawkeye WC)

Match One: Miracle def. Velte 12-2

Match Two: Miracle def. Velte 4-0

Women’s FS 53 kg – Sarah Hildebrandt (New York AC/OTC) vs. Katherine Shai (Titan Mercury WC)

Match One: Hildebrandt def. Shai 3-0

Match Two: Hildebrandt def. Shai 8-0

Women’s FS 76 kg – Adeline Gray (New York AC) vs. Precious Bell (Unattached)

Match One: Gray def. Bell (FALL)

Match Two: Gray def. Bell 10-0

Men’s GR 130 kg – Adam Coon (Cliff Keen WC) vs. Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids/EAP)

Match One: Coon def. Schultz 8-0

Match Two: Coon def. Schultz 5-1

Men’s FS 61 kg – Joe Colon (Valley RTC) vs. Tyler Graff (New Jersey RTC)

Match One: Colon def. Graff 6-4

Match Two: Graff def. Colon 9-2

Match Three: Graff def. Colon 12-2

Men’s FS 97 kg – Kyle Snyder (Ohio RTC) vs. Kyven Gadson (Cyclone RTC)

Match One: Snyder def. Gadson 4-0

Match Two: Snyder def. Gadson 12-1

Men’s FS 70 kg – Ryan Deakin (Chicago RTC) vs. James Green (Nebraska WTC)

Match One: Green def. Deakin 11-0

Match Two: Green def. Deakin 4-3

Men’s FS 57 kg – Daton Fix (Cowboy RTC) vs. Thomas Gilman (Hawkeye RTC)

Match One: Fix def. Gilman 9-1

Match Two: Gilman def. Fix 3-2

Match Three: Fix def. Gilman 6-3

Men’s FS 74 kg – Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska WTC) vs. Isaiah Martinez (Illinois RTC)

Match One: Burroughs def. Martinez 5-4

Match Two: Martinez def. Burroughs 6-5

Match Three: Burroughs def. Martinez 7-1

Session 1 (Women’s Freestyle and Men’s Greco-Roman) 12 PM CT

Women’s FS 59 kg – Alli Ragan (Hawkeye WC) vs. Lauren Louive (Hawkeye WC)

Match One: Ragan def. Louive 10-0

Match Two: Ragan def. Louive 10-0

Men’s GR 60 kg – Leslie Fuenffinger (U.S. Army WCAP) vs. Ildar Hafizov (U.S. Army WCAP)

Match One: Hafizov def. Fuenffinger 7-5

Match Two: Hafizov def. Fuenffinger 9-0

Women’s FS 55 kg – Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC/OTC) vs. Dominique Parrish (Burnaby Mountain WC)

Match One: Winchester def. Parrish 10-0

Match Two: Winchester def. Parrish 8-3

Men’s GR 72 kg – Raymond Bunker (U.S. Marine Corps) vs. Alex Mossing (Air Force RTC)

Match One: Bunker def. Mossing 3-1

Match Two: Bunker def. Mossing 7-0

Men’s GR 63 kg – Ryan Mango (U.S. Army WCAP) vs. Xavier Johnson (U.S. Marine Corps)

Match One: Mango def. Johnson 10-2

Match Two: Mango def. Johnson 6-5

Men’s GR 97 kg – G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids) vs. Lucas Sheridan (U.S. Army WCAP)

Match One: Hancock def. Sheridan 8-0

Match Two: Hancock def. Sheridan 5-2


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