The Fight Business Podcast: BKFC 6, UFC Rankings

The Fight Business Podcast

Ever wonder how your favorite mixed martial arts promotions turn a profit? Want to know how the UFC got a $4 billion dollar valuation and became part of the largest franchise sale in sports history? Don’t understand why the UFC is throwing out interim titles left and right like they’re on sale?

The newest podcast on the MMASucka network. In this new show, hosted by staff writer and resident business consultant, Patrick Auger, we take an in-depth look at the business side of MMA. From PPV buy rates to broadcast partnerships, ‘The Fight Business Podcast’ discusses the money end of mixed martial arts.

BKFC, Jose Aldo, and Curious Rankings Changes

With three promotions holding three events this pas weekend, there was aloooottt to talk about, so this one is a little longer than usual. Keeping with the new format, I pitted guest panelists Blaine Henry and Rhodri Morgan against each other to win my approval and the results were not disappointing.

We talked about the biggest winner and biggest loser across all events this past weekend. Why there was more hype surrounding Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s pay-per-view than UFC Greenville or Bellator London? An unusual change in the official UFC rankings.  Also, Jose Aldo’s contract extension, along with much more in this battle of the minds. As per usual, there are three rounds of questions with total points being announced at the end of each round. The winner of the contest getting thirty seconds to say whatever they want. Even if you don’t want to listen to the full episode, you’re going to want to see the winner’s incredible speech. As it may go down in this show’s Hall of Fame one day.

Who drive the more informative discussion, who will make the stronger arguments, and who will make me laugh more? Tune in to this week’s episode to find out!


  1. You guys need to better understand when to talk and when not to talk.. The entire show, I couldn’t not be frustrated by the interruptions, pauses, one talking over another when the other is about to make a point.

    Rehearsal would be helpful, or some kind of table read type of practice.. You have a good format, a good idea with your show.. Its similar to Pardon the Interruption


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