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Quincy McCombs: Eyes on the Prize

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Quincy McCombs is an amateur lightweight fighter who is fighting at 247 Fighting Championships upcoming event, Brawl in the Burgh. Fighting out of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, “High Quality” will look to score a win in his first fight in his home state. McCombs recently talked to MMASucka about his beginnings in martial arts, his training camp, and his upcoming fight.

Quincy McCombs Interview

MMA Origins

Like all other fighters, McCombs had his own specific reason for getting into MMA. Unfortunately, he began fighting due to rough circumstances as a child. “Well, my family grew up struggling between daily struggles and with my dad passing at a young age. I always wanted to give back to my mother,” McCombs said. “We have that fight in us to keep going no matter what, so I channeled it into fighting. Even before I was into sports I was always fighting,” he continued.

Another reason that McCombs got into MMA was because he likes the fact that it’s a solo sport. “It’s like a chess match. You have to strategically place each move in the right order. If not, you suffer the consequences through a mistake in the bout,” he said. “Unlike a team sport, MMA relies strictly on you. And I want to either be responsible for the win or carry the loss on myself alone to grow as a person and a fighter,” McCombs added.

Fight Preparation

Quincy McCombs trains at two separate gyms: The Mat Factory and Lionheart MMA. Each gym has its own purpose to McCombs and offers him a unique training experience. “The Mat Factory is one of those small type little hole in the wall gyms that is a gold mine in the means of skill and potential; it’s filled with animals. It’s a complete blessing to be able to train in that place. The head coach Isaac Greeley has developed me into a much different human since I started there,” McCombs said of the Western PA gym that is mostly known for its wrestling. “The other gym I go to is Lionheart MMA; it’s a more private based gym that focuses on cardio technique. And, it makes you become a mane quick,” he added.

High Quality is doing nothing out of his ordinary routine leading up to his fight with Pat Carrasquillo of WNY MMA and Fitness. “As for this prep, I just try to continue to complete myself fully as an athlete. I focus on it all. I want to be an all around animal, scary in every position and that’s exactly what these two gyms are making me become,” McCombs said.

When asked about his fight style, McCombs made sure to note that he isn’t a specialist in any one particular area. “My mindset is to get myself to a level that no one has gotten to yet. I want to be great standing up, in the clinch, and on the ground. And, I want to have a great mindset all while staying extremely humble and respectful.” It’s clear that McCombs’s humble beginnings continue to stick with him as he goes further into his MMA career.

Fight at Brawl in the Burgh

McCombs will be taking on Carrasquillo at Brawl in the Burgh, the man who was victorious in the first ever 247 FC fight. Despite that, High Quality heads into this fight without an abundance of knowledge on Carrasquillo. “I don’t know very much about him other than his height and that he likes to go to the ground,” McCombs said.

Watching film is a common practice in MMA, something that McCombs says he does from time to time but doesn’t spend too much time on. “I watch some film just to see how they move and react. But, I do like to focus on my own match-up with him because it will not normally replicate a previous bout,” he said of studying film. “I will try to feel him out and put him where I need him and leave with my hand raised. And I will always thank him for the opportunity to fight in front of fans again. Because not many guys our age are tough anymore and willing to step up to the plate.”

Despite suffering his first defeat in his most recent fight, Quincy McCombs doesn’t feel any added pressure heading into this fight. “It’s just business. If anything, I have no pressure to hold a perfect record. Now, I don’t have to feel held back,” he said of fighting with a loss under his belt. “I can go in there and let it loose without caring about a perfect record. I have to just focus on finishing my fight. I experienced the taste of defeat and now that I know how it feels, I will never try to make a mistake in there again.” A young fighter’s first loss can sometimes be a confidence killer, but McCombs seems to have taken it well and thinks it will benefit his mindset and approach.

Quincy McCombs ended the interview by saying “I’m committed, I’m composed, and I’m ready to showcase what I worked on.” Heading into the fight laser focused, McCombs will be looking to have a coming out party in front of a hometown crowd.

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