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Interview: Josh Barnett Talks Bloodsport 2

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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 is promising a different pro wrestling experience. No gimmicks, no silly stuff, just matches that end in a knockout or submission. The card will include pro wrestlers who have backgrounds in MMA, catch wrestling, judo, and other martial arts. In the main event, “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett takes on “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion will bring his MMA and catch wrestling expertise to the match. Dickinson will bring his karate and judo. Josh Barnett talked with MMASucka about pro wrestling, his opponent, and the Bloodsport brand.

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On Bloodsport Becoming a Regular Event:

This will be the third Bloodsport show put on by GCW. The second involving Barnett. Could this be a regular show with championships?

“I don’t know. I would say it’s a possibility. Our main interest is pushing the product kind of forward that we can be proud of and that represents what we want… we’re going step by step…”

Is Pro Wrestling a Sport or Performance Art?

When Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace tweeted that she considers pro wrestling “performance art,” she attracted both supporters and those who disagreed.

Barnett confidently dispels the notion that wrestling is “performance art.”

“Wrestling is not a performance art,” he said. “There is no convincing me otherwise. I have seen all the arguments and they don’t hold water for me… If I really wanted to watch performance art at its highest level I would watch Cirque du Soleil.”

RevPro Wrestler and Referee Shoot Incident:

During a tag team match for British promotion Revolution Pro, wrestler Josh Bodom got pinned and did not get his shoulder up in time from a three count. This caused the match to end five minutes early. In what was an improvised post-match beatdown, Bodom’s tag partner Sha Samuels executed allegedly a safe bodyslam to referee Aaren Wilde. Wilde rolled out of the ring and was then legitimately attacked by Bodom seemingly out of anger that the match ended the way it did. Wilde had to retire from refereeing due to injuries and Bodom was fired.

“If I had someone that wasn’t playing ball correctly, I’m just going to kick their ass,” Barnett said. “We’re out there to help each other out and if you’re going to take liberties, then fine it’s a shoot.”

“I once got recklessly headbutted in a match and I got cut open. So I put the guy on the ground, mounted him and cut his own eyebrow open.”

On Original Opponent Jon Moxley:

Barnett’s initial opponent was former WWE wrestler and current New Japan Pro Wrestling United States Champion Jon Moxley. Moxley had to pull out of the match due to getting a MRSA infection. Both are hoping that the match could happen sometime in the future.

“I expect we can get Jon Moxley and Josh Barnett in the future. I know that it is his sincere desire to make this match happen,” Barnett said. “My only concern is his involvement with [All Elite Wrestling] will likely get in the way and try to restrict and interfere to keep that match from happening… They’re running their own stuff. They’re interested in their own product and keeping their bottom line which I completely understand.”

“I really hope the best for him because MRSA is no joke… I would still love to bring this to light.

On Opponent Chris Dickinson:

“Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickson has been on all three Bloodsport shows. He lost his first match to former UFC fighter Dan “The Beast” Severn by rear-naked choke. He won his second match against pro wrestler and Barnett’s friend Andy Williams by rear-naked choke.

“That guy is a maniac… I’ve got a least a receipt to give him for Andy’s behalf. He says that he is the realest thing that real can be out there. Here’s his chance to come and show me how real he can get.”

Barnett said he wasn’t surprised that Dickinson won with a submission hold rather than knockout. “He carries more than skills you know.”

In Barnett’s first Bloodsport match, he went to a draw with Minoru Suzuki. There will be a definitive winner and loser in this match Barnett says.

“This one ain’t going the distance. I know I’m a better grappler. He’s shorter and more compact. Sometimes those guys with short limbs can be hard to submit… If I can put my weight on him as much as possible I can wear him out.

“Not much needs to be said about Chris Dickinson because he knows what he’s exactly got himself into. He and I are on a collision course, but only one of us is going to be walking out of that ring alive.”

GCW presents Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 Saturday, September 14 at the Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey at 8 p.m. Tickets are available here. The show will also be available on FITE.TV through their app or website.

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