The Cannabis Chronicles: Juan Adams

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This week for MMA Sucka’s Cannabis Chronicles, we talked with UFC heavyweight Juan Adams. Adams is a 27-year-old MMA fighter out of Houston, Texas. Holding a 5-2 pro record and a 1-2 record inside the UFC. Adams won his UFC contract by knocking out Shawn Teed on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2018. All five of his wins are via TKO or KO. He started the interview with MMA Sucka disclosing that he does not use cannabis himself.

Juan Adams On Cannabis Rules In MMA

When asked about what he thinks about the rules for cannabis in MMA, Adams replied, “I think it should be allowed, I don’t view it as a performance enhancer.” He also mentioned that he feels like the rules that are in place now are just fine. Saying, “the reality is that we all know the rules when we sign the contracts if you cant comply you should not fight.”

What Are The Rules About Cannabis Use

In the past fans have seen interviews with multiple fighters that document how long before a fight they have to quit smoking marijuana. We asked Adams if UFC contracts stated how long before a fight they would require a fighter to stop smoking. He states that they do not specify how long before the fight to stop smoking, but they do notify you weeks in advance if your fighting in a state that has a zero-tolerance policy for marijuana. When asked for examples of these “zero tolerance” states, Adams replied, “states like Illinois and Texas.” In those states, Adams says he was advised that fighters should stop smoking about 8-10 weeks ahead of the fight just to be safe.

Do You View Cannabis As A Disadvantage To Fighters Who Smoke?

Hearing his opinion on how he doesn’t view cannabis as a performance enhancer, we decided to ask him if he feels it gives fighters any kind of disadvantage. He said, “I don’t view weed itself as a negative, it affects each person differently I think. The only times I’ve ever considered smoking are to escape reality a bit, but a lot of people that smoke like the experience so much that it takes a priority in their life.” Adams does admit that he has only smoked weed about five times in his life.

If You Were The Head Of USADA, How Would You Handle PED Suspensions?

If Juan Adams was running USADA, PED violators would have two strikes. He says the suspensions would be one year for the first violation. Two years for a second violation, and a life suspension if you were to land on a third strike. He says, “You know the rules and you choose to break them”. “If they were allowed it would be different, but as the rules are now, I think the sanctions should be harsher”.

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