Lucas Brennan “We talked to ONE a little bit but I like Bellator a whole lot more”

Image for Lucas Brennan “We talked to ONE a little bit but I like Bellator a whole lot more”

Lucas Brennan takes on Jacob Landin at Bellator 233. WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma is where the card is going down. Brennan competes on the preliminary portion of the event set to go on Friday, November 8th. There are several compelling fights stacked throughout this event though. Brennan enters the cage for his sophomore outing and the jiu-jitsu ace is fighting someone who just might indulge him on the grappling end of things.

Bellator 233

The Bellator debut against Thomas Lopez was a comprehensive performance on many levels. Even the usually self-critical Brennan had little to say about the performance that needed refining. Brennan stated, “That was the perfect debut honestly. Usually, after some of my amateurs wins before that, I’d get nitpicky with certain things. Honestly, I didn’t even get hit.”

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The two pugilists sold a lot of tickets in that fight too. A lot of fans stuck around for postlims and broke the pattern of fans usually flocking out of the arena. There was a raucous crowd for Brennan’s debut W. It has been a long road for the relatively young martial artist. Brennan was 12 and used to not enjoy training so much. The gradual change in his attitude came when other martial arts became integrated as well.

Brennan said, “Eventually started wrestling a little bit and eventually mixed in striking. Then my freshman year, we got asked to do team pankration fights in California. We hadn’t done them before. I went and did it. Me and my brother. We both won. I fought a month after I turned 17.”

His dad Charles Brennan, a veteran of UFC and PRIDE, has only given out a dozen black belts with Lucas being one of them. Lucas playfully described his dad as being stingy with giving out belts. Brennan also said, “Very small group of us. And he had his black belt since I was born. To only give out twelve over the last twenty years….It gives it a little more credibility.”

Lucas Brennan

Brennan has done his due diligence ahead of this fight and checked out some available footage on Landin. “We’ve checked out some film on him. I’ll look up the film myself and see what I can find. Then I’ll give that to my coaches. He’s a brown belt. He’ll have a good jiu-jitsu game. A lot of the guys that I’ve fought have all been white belts or very new blue belts. It’ll be interesting to get maybe a little bit more groundwork with somebody who’s willing to work back with me.”

The teaching that Brennan does has helped a lot. Drilling the basics for new players can refine the technique of a black belt in profound ways.

ONE and Rizin

I had asked about a possible Rizin crossover for Brennan in the future. Rizin and Bellator crossovers are not altogether uncommon in today’s landscape. Another Asian promotion was actually on Brennan’s radar at one point though.

Brennan said, “Before we went pro, I kind of looked over there at ONE. I’m probably much happier fighting over here in the right time zone. Like I’ve competed not that far out of my timezone. That was the most terrible experience ever. I won but I couldn’t sleep to save my life. We talked to ONE a little bit but I like Bellator a whole lot more. I just picked what would be better on my end.”

When he’s not twisting people up in knots, Brennan is a self-proclaimed hotoshop nerd. He makes art in his spare time and is going to school for visual arts. It’s a fallback thing though and MMA is the main focus. This fight is less than an hour’s drive from the gym and Brennan is very much locked in. He is excited for the reaction from the partisan crowd but arguably just as excited about the dozen post-fight donuts awaiting him too.

Brennan vs Landin goes on Friday, November 8th and will broadcast on the Bellator app at 6:00 pm EST.

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