Robson Gracie Jr “Every event I’m going to be fighting, there’s going to be a family member by my side”

Image for Robson Gracie Jr “Every event I’m going to be fighting, there’s going to be a family member by my side”

Robson Gracie Jr takes on Ameer Bashir at Bellator 234. Kharitonov vs Vassell is the headliner but intriguing fights bolster the entire card. The event emanates from Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv, Israel. The card is set to go Thursday, November 14th at 4:00 pm EST. The two welterweights are slated to fight on the preliminary portion of this Bellator MMA event. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu prodigy looks to notch another win under the Bellator banner.

Robson Gracie Jr

Gracie is quite enjoying his time overseas and notices similarities to home. He said, “Israel, Tel Aviv is an amazing place. I really love it. Reminds me a lot of Rio.”As much as Bashir is the next opponent, Gracie is looking at being better than the prior version of himself that entered a Bellator cage. Gracie stated, “I focus on my own efforts. I couldn’t see many things about him. So I trained anyway my style.”

The arrangement with Bellator has been one that Gracie greatly appreciates. Gracie stated, “I really like the guys here. The crew is really nice. I see the way they treat everybody so I’m really happy with them.” With 2019 coming to a close, Gracie is looking to fight three or four times next year.

The journey in Bellator MMA has been an individual journey but has also informed the collective legacy of the Gracies. He quipped, “It started with Neiman and then Royce. Every event I’m going to be fighting, there’s going to be a family member by my side.”

Bellator 234

Robson Gracie Jr competed on the same card where Neiman Gracie fought Rory MacDonald for the belt. These kinds of happenings galvanize Robson Gracie Jr’s spirit before competing. Gracie stated, “I feel more motivated when it’s a family member. So when I was in New York it was amazing. We did the full camp together. There’s a different energy of the thing when I have more than one at the same event.”

His brother also provides him a lot of insights. Gracie said, “Renzo, his experience is amazing.” Robson Jr has trained with individuals that invented the half guard. It’s quite amazing when you consider who Robson Gracie Jr has been able to learn from. Some of the most influential grappling minds of the last several generations.

Robson Gracie Jr also has an interest in fighting in Japan. The Gracies have a rich history competing over there and Bellator has a good relationship with JMMA promotion Rizin FF. As far as interest in a Rizin crossover fight, Gracie said, “It’s going to be a dream come true if I fight in Japan. I grow up watching PRIDE and stuff. I was dreaming to fight in Japan”

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