BKFC 9 Main Card In-Depth Recap

BKFC 9 - Jason Knight
FRESNO, CA - DECEMBER 09: Jason Knight prepares to enter the Octagon before facing Gabriel Benitez of Mexico in their featherweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside Save Mart Center on December 9, 2017 in Fresno, California. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

BKFC 9 was an absolute blast. If you missed out, we’ve got you covered. You can see our results here, or continue to read for a more in-depth report of what went down in Biloxi, MS. The main event featured the highly-anticipated rematch between Artem Lobov and Jason Knight. Let’s take a look at how it all played out.

BKFC 9 delivers and the action and excitement!

It was another classic night of mayhem and fury as BKFC 9 event took place in front of a raucous crowd in Biloxi, MS. There were knockouts, incredible action and plenty of blood as the fighters toed the line and slugged it out.


Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight

Lobov and Knight went back and forth with flurries to open the fight. Lobov looks to be beating Knight to the punch early, but in the late going Knight counters and wobbles Lobov, bloodying the Russian’s nose. Knight did the more damage and it swayed the round in his favour.

In the second round, both fighters landed but a straight right hand dropped Lobov momentarily. Lobov recovered but the damage was done and Knight certainly took the round on the scorecards.

The third round was a better round for Lobov who managed to get within his striking range and land some right hands. Knight landed some shots at a distance, but Lobov landed the more telling shots and arguably won the round.

Championship Rounds

As the fourth round opened and Lobov and Knight started firing shots right off the bat. Knight landed a solid series of shots, but Lobov countered with a series of his own, bouncing shots off Knight’s head. The definitive moment came when Lobov landed a nice left and followed it with a big right hand. Lobov won the round but might still trail due to the knockdown.

In the final frame, Lobov and Knight fired up immediately again and both guys had big shots land. Knight landed a huge shot and Lobov seemed to melt for a moment before slumping to the canvas in obvious discomfort. He ate a shot right on his eye and that was it.

Jason Knight wins the rematch by TKO.

Chase Sherman vs. Joey Beltran

Two belts were on the line as the heavyweights toed the line. The BKFC Heavyweight Title and the Diamond Belt were both up for grabs. Joey Beltran ate a number of jabs like pancakes in the early going but was able to land a couple of counter right hands. Chase Sherman won the first round on the cards, but it was anyone’s fight heading into the second.

The second round was full-on ‘rockem-sockem’ robots. Beltran did a much better job with footwork in the second and was able to get inside and land some telling right hands. The round was filled with action but swayed in favour of Beltran.

Sherman landed a big right hand to open the third and then landed a nice combo that knocked Beltran off balance for a moment. Beltran was able to land some wicked shots and looked to have Sherman in trouble on a number of occasions. Another Beltran round, making it 29-28.

Late fall in line for Joey Beltran

The fourth round opened with Beltran moving forward and pressing the action. Sherman looked noticeably tired and he’s the target for some heavy shots from Beltran. As the round went on, Sherman faded and Beltran put another round in the bank.

The final frame opened like the fourth closed. Beltran pressing and Sherman defending. Both men had moments, but Sherman was just too gassed to keep up. Beltran couldn’t get the finish but he had a solid fight. The judges saw it 49-46 awarding the first decision of the night to Joey Beltran.

Johnny Bedford vs. Charles Bennett

This was a highly anticipated fight and it didn’t disappoint early on. Both men threw jabs and engaged with big shots. Johnny Bedford is the more technically sound fighter, but Charles Bennett is buck-wild and makes things interesting. Bedford landed the more telling shots and won the first round that didn’t see either fighter knocked down.

The second round was very exciting with both men landing some hellacious shots. The pair were bloodied and Bennett then ate a right hand and collapsed to the canvas. He held out his right hand and clutched at it. He was clearly in a ton of pain and could not continue. Fun fight and a big win for Bedford who called out Artem Lobov after the victory.

Helen Peralta vs. Maia Kuhunaele

Helen Peralta is the flyweight champion but her title was not on the line tonight. Both are talented fighters, but Peralta seems the more technical striker. She was also the faster fighter and utilized that speed to land shots first, dropping Maia Kuhunaele three times in the first round winning via TKO. Helen Peralta is the real deal, and she’s going to be tough to beat inside the Bare Knuckle ring. She has speed and power a dangerous combination.

Harris Stephenson vs. Kenny Licea

These two wasted no time getting after it. They threw big rights and lefts and both men landed some heavy shots. Harris Stephenson ate a right hand and was knocked down. He managed to beat the count but was not stable. He was on pretty wobbly legs, and moments later was drilled with a right hand, that saw him lump down face-first to the canvas. It was a really pretty victory at 1:20 by Kenny Licea.

Chris Sarro vs. John Mcallister

Chris Sarro was 1-0 as a professional and came out working behind his jab in the first round. He maintained distance and was able to fire jabs and a heavy right cross behind them. Sarro looked very comfortable in the ring, and landed the telling shot, a stinging right hand to the right eye of John Mcallister sending him to the mat grabbing his eye in agony. That was all it took.

Kaleb Harris vs. Jeff Chiffens

This was a fun fight and Jeff Chiffens was in a little over his head. The first round saw Kaleb Harris find a consistent home for his left hand and bloodied Chiffens’ nose with some stinging right hands. The round ended with Harris having done enough to win the round.

It was more of the same in the second round as Harris was able to land more telling shots, at a higher frequency. Harris dropped Chiffens who was a bloody swelling mess and though he was able to beat the count, the referee waved off the action. He deemed Chiffens had taken enough punishment. It’s hard to argue with that. It was a big night for Kaleb Harris and he won via TKO.

Wes Combs vs. Adrian Miles

The fight was over nearly as quickly as it began. Web Combs and Adrian Miles immediately closed the distance and fought inside. Combs immediately was wobbled by a series of left hands. Combs was dropped and ate some late shots. Miles threw a punch on the downed Combs and that was it. After some debate, Wes Combs was awarded a victory via disqualification.

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