The Cannabis Chronicles: Jarred Brooks

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For this week’s Cannabis Chronicles article, MMASucka spoke with ‘The Monkey God’ Jarred Brooks. Brooks spoke in depth about his personal opinion on cannabis in the sport of MMA.

Overall Thoughts On Cannabis

We started the interview by asking Brooks what his overall thoughts were on the topic. He responded by saying, “I think cannabis has great effects on a mixed martial artist when it comes down to the recovery process.” He also stated that he only recommends smoking it after a hard workout when you need to relax. Brooks also expressed that CBD may affect certain people a certain way, but in his opinion, it’s good depending on how you use it.

Stigma Of Cannabis Being A Performance Enhancer

With Brooks expressing that he felt like cannabis is great to use for recovery and relaxation, we decided to ask him if he felt like it should be considered a performance enhancer in MMA. He said that it helps him, but it affects everyone differently so in that case it shouldn’t be considered a performance enhancer for everyone.

USASA Rules And When To Stop Smoking

Brooks discloses that he normally quits smoking about a month before his fight. His reasoning is for his own well being, not because of the rules set in place. He said, “Don’t quit smoking a week before your fight, because in your first week of quitting your serotonin levels drop and it will make you not interested in fighting people.” Meaning that the week after you quit smoking it attacks your anxiety more then it does after a month off. Fighters already go threw thoughts of being nervous and not wanting to fight, it has to be maximized to the extreme if you are one week post quitting. We also asked Brooks why he thinks so many fighters are hesitant to be open about their cannabis use. His response was simply, “Because they are high and paranoid.”

Favorite Stoner Movie

It has become the norm to ask fighters this question towards the end of the interview. Like we all know, you don’t have to be a stoner to like stoner movies. Brooks told us that his favorite stoner movie is How High. The stoner film that features Method Man and Redman.

Brooks currently has a fight booked with Rizin FF. He will take on Haruo Ochi on December 29. Bellator will be co-promoting this event with Rizin. This bout comes after his last fight with Ochi in August, which ended in a no contest for an accidental headbutt.

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