UFC 246 Press Confrence In A Nutshell

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 15: (L-R) Conor McGregor of Ireland and Donald Cerrone pose for photos during the UFC 246 press conference at Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino Resort on January 15, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The UFC 246 press conference took place on January 15th at 8pm eastern time. The press conference consisted of the boss man, Dana White, The Notorious, Conor McGregor, and Donald Cowboy Cerrone. This wasn’t your cliche Conor McGregor press conference, but in case you missed it here’s what you need to know.

Conor McGregor Has Matured

Conor McGregor seemed extremely mature compared to the last time we saw him. He showed a great deal of respect to Cerrone and kept his trash-talking to an all-time minimum. When asked why he wasn’t his normal trash-talking self, Conor replied, “this is just me being real.” Stating that he has always been real and that he doesn’t feel any type of tension or animosity coming from Cowboy, so there is no need to talk trash.

Zuffa Boxing

A few questions were asked about Zuffa Boxing. It became clear that White is still in the works of opening the boxing promotion. The Schmo also made a comment that he had talked to the manager of Manny Pacquiao and he was told that Pacquiao wants to have a boxing match with McGregor. McGregor said that he is definitely open to boxing again but he isn’t sure if the Pacquiao fight will pan out. He did mention that if it did work out that it would be a great fight to debut Zuffa Boxing. Possibly giving some insight on how close Zuffa Boxing is to starting their promotion.

UFC London Main Event

A reporter asked Dana White how close he was to making Tyron Woodley vs. Leon Edwards for the main event for UFC London. White replied by saying that it is in the works. Recently the UFC starting selling tickets to UFC London which is out of the ordinary. They would normally not start selling tickets until the main event is announced. It just goes to show how confident White is that the Woodley-Edwards fight will come to fruition.

McGregor Returns to Featherweight In The UFC

Mcgregor was asked if he could ever see himself returning to featherweight to fight the new champion, Alexander Volkanovski. He left the door open saying he would be willing to fight for the title at 145 pounds again. While also taking a slight jab at Volkanovski by saying that he would not be willing to go back to featherweight if Volkanovski was still the champion. Conor McGregor also stated that he believes Volkanovski has unfinished business with former champion, Max Holloway. 

McGregor Sexual Assault Allegations

A few questions were directed at Conor McGregor’s sexual assault allegations. Although he had already done an interview with ESPN about the topic the day before, Dana White let the first reporter ask him about the allegations with no repercussion. The second reporter that tried to ask questions about this topic was not so lucky. Before he could even finish his question he received a proper ear beating from both Donald Cerrone and Dana White. Cerrone telling the reporter that they are there to answer questions about the fight, not what these guys are doing outside the octagon.

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