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The fourth and final part of our MMASucka staff picks this weekend are in. Later this evening, February 22 will see UFC Fight Night 168 set to take place at the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. Main card action will begin at 7:00pm ET (4:00pm PT) on ESPN+.

Make sure to check out the first three events this weekend: Bellator 239, RIZIN 21, and Bellator 240 / Bellator Dublin.

The Fights

A highly anticipated lightweight bout between Paul Felder and Dan Hooker will headline the main card. Former CFFC champion Felder will be making his fourteenth appearance with the UFC, suffering only four defeats throughout those outings. Since 2017 he has compiled a record of 5-1, scoring two victories in 2019 include an avenged split decision victory over Edson Barboza. Another win for Felder could put him right in talks for a potential title shot in the near future. His opponent, New Zealand’s own Hooker, also hopes to make a statement for a future challenge of the belt. Five of his last six victories have come by way of either knockout or submission, holding one of the highest finishing rates among all lightweights. 2019 was also a dominant year for the “The Hangman” Hooker with a brutal first-round knockout over James Vick and a dominant unanimous decision over Al Iaquinta.

Dangerous striking light heavyweights Jimmy Crute and Michal Oleksiejczuk will look to steal the headlines in our co-main event slot. Crute looks to rebound after getting his undefeated career snapped to Misha Cirkunov in September. Oleksiejczuk also looks to bounce back after suffering his first promotional fight to Ovince Saint Preux.

Other fighters on the main card include the nine-fight win streak of China’s Yan Xiaonan, Brazilian powerhouse Marcos Rogerio de Lima, and City Kickboxing’s Brad Riddell. See the remaining UFC Fight Night 168 fights counted for our MMASucka staff picks this evening further below.

UFC 246

Staff Picks

Throughout the year, staff picks will be composed of five different MMA promotions. UFCBellatorONE, and RIZIN all appeared for the 2019 season and will make returns. The newest addition for the 2020 year will see the PFL including their regular season, playoffs, and championship card. A special staff picks bonus will be introduced and discussed regarding PFL’s playoff format as time gets closer.

Main cards will makeup both UFC and Bellator picks, while the biggest fights to make up ONE, RIZIN, and PFL events will be used. The WINNER of staff picks will have a choice between receiving a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. The 2019 winner was awarded to Michael DeSantis, compiling a record of 321-178. Second-place Connor Deitrich collected a close score of 319-180 with third-place Ed Gallo not far behind totaling at 312-183.

Check out our staff picks for UFC Fight Night 168: Felder vs. Hooker below.

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Staff Records after UFC Fight Night 167:

1T. Wesley Riddle: 29-9
1T. Michael DeSantis: 29-9
1T. Connor Deitrich: 29-9
1T. Dan Rose: 29-9
5. Ashwin Viswanathan: 28-10
6T. Ed Gallo: 27-11
6T. Matt Bricker: 27-11
8. Ash Camyab: 26-12
9T. Jeremy Brand: 25-13
9T. Frazer Krohn: 25-13
11. Andrew Benjamin: 24-14
12. Mike Skytte: 23-15
13T. McKenzie Guardiero: 22-16
13T. Mike Lynch: 22-16
13T. Nate Freeman: 22-12, missed one card
16. Mitchell Banuelos: 20-9, missed two cards
17. Ryan Hobbs: 19-19
18. Jeremy Cook: 10-5, missed five cards
19. Jack Buchanan: 10-5, missed five cards

*Results from all cards & events this weekend will be added to the above records NEXT weekend*

Kevin Aguilar (17-2) vs. Zubaira Tukhugov (18-4-1)

Jeremy Brand: Tukhugov via UD
Wesley Riddle: Aguilar via UD
Mike Skytte: Tukhugov via UD
Michael DeSantis: Aguilar via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Tukhugov via UD
Ed Gallo: Aguilar via Round 1 TKO
Matt Bricker: Aguilar via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Tukhugov via UD
Ash Camyab: Aguilar via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Tukhugov via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Aguilar via UD
Frazer Krohn: Aguilar via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Tukhugov via Round 2 TKO
Dan Rose: Tukhugov via UD
Mike Lynch: Tukhugov via Round 2 TKO
Jeremy Cook: Tukhugov via UD
Ashwin Viswanathan: Tukhugov via UD
Nate Freeman: Aguilar via SD
Jack Buchanan: Aguilar via UD

Staff picking Aguilar: 9
Staff picking Tukhugov: 10

NOTE: Aguilar-Tukhugov is not on the main card, but the fight will be a special inclusion for this event

Brad Riddell (7-1) vs. Magomed Mustafaev (14-2)

Jeremy Brand: Mustafaev via UD
Wesley Riddle: Mustafaev via Round 1 TKO
Mike Skytte: Mustafaev via UD
Michael DeSantis: Mustafaev via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Riddell via UD
Ed Gallo: Mustafaev via UD
Matt Bricker: Mustafaev via UD
Connor Deitrich: Mustafaev via Round 3 TKO
Ash Camyab: Mustafaev via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Mustafaev via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Mustafaev via UD
Frazer Krohn: Riddell via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Riddell via UD
Dan Rose: Mustafaev via Round 1 TKO
Mike Lynch: Mustafaev via UD
Jeremy Cook: Mustafaev via UD
Ashwin Viswanathan: Riddell via UD
Nate Freeman: Mustafaev via Round 2 TKO
Jack Buchanan: Mustafaev via UD

Staff picking Riddell: 3
Staff picking Mustafaev: 16

Ben Sosoli (7-2, 2 NC) vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima (14-2)

Jeremy Brand: Sosoli via UD
Wesley Riddle: de Lima via UD
Mike Skytte: de Lima via Round 2 SUB
Michael DeSantis: de Lima via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Sosoli via UD
Ed Gallo: de Lima via UD
Matt Bricker: de Lima via UD
Connor Deitrich: de Lima via Round 2 SUB
Ash Camyab: Sosoli via Round 1 TKO
Ryan Hobbs: de Lima via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Sosoli via UD
Frazer Krohn: Sosoli via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Sosoli via Round 2 TKO
Dan Rose: Sosoli via UD
Mike Lynch: de Lima via Round 1 TKO
Jeremy Cook: de Lima via UD
Ashwin Viswanathan: Sosoli via UD
Nate Freeman: de Lima via Round 1 TKO
Jack Buchanan: de Lima via UD

Staff picking Sosoli: 8
Staff picking de Lima: 11

Karolina Kowalkiewicz (12-5) vs. Yan Xiaonan (11-1, 1 NC)

Jeremy Brand: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Wesley Riddle: Xiaonan via UD
Mike Skytte: Xiaonan via UD
Michael DeSantis: Xiaonan via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Ed Gallo: Xiaonan via UD
Matt Bricker: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Connor Deitrich: Kowalkiewicz via SD
Ash Camyab: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Xiaonan via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Frazer Krohn: Kowalkiewicz via SD
McKenzie Guardiero: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Dan Rose: Xiaonan via UD
Mike Lynch: Xiaonan via UD
Jeremy Cook: Kowalkiewicz via UD
Ashwin Viswanathan: Xiaonan via UD
Nate Freeman: Kowalkiewicz via SD
Jack Buchanan: Xiaonan via SD

Staff picking Kowalkiewicz: 10
Staff picking Xiaonan: 9

Jimmy Crute (10-1) vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk (14-3, 1 NC)

Jeremy Brand: Crute via UD
Wesley Riddle: Crute via Round 1 TKO
Mike Skytte: Crute via Round 3 SUB
Michael DeSantis: Crute via Round 2 SUB
Mitchell Banuelos: Crute via Round 2 TKO
Ed Gallo: Crute via Round 3 SUB
Matt Bricker: Crute via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Crute via Round 2 SUB
Ash Camyab: Crute via Round 3 TKO
Ryan Hobbs: Crute via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Crute via UD
Frazer Krohn: Crute via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Crute via Round 2 TKO
Dan Rose: Crute via Round 1 TKO
Mike Lynch: Oleksiejczuk via Round 1 TKO
Jeremy Cook: Crute via UD
Ashwin Viswanathan: Crute via Round 1 TKO
Nate Freeman: Crute via UD
Jack Buchanan: Oleksiejczuk via Round 1 TKO

Staff picking Crute: 17
Staff picking Oleksiejczuk: 2

Paul Felder (17-4) vs. Dan Hooker (19-8)

Jeremy Brand: Felder via Round 4 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Hooker via Round 2 TKO
Mike Skytte: Felder via Round 4 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Hooker via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Felder via Round 3 TKO
Ed Gallo: Felder via UD
Matt Bricker: Felder via SD
Connor Deitrich: Felder via UD
Ash Camyab: Felder via Round 5 TKO
Ryan Hobbs: Hooker via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Hooker via SD
Frazer Krohn: Felder via Round 2 TKO
McKenzie Guardiero: Felder via Round 1 TKO
Dan Rose: Felder via UD
Mike Lynch: Felder via Round 5 TKO
Jeremy Cook: Hooker via Round 3 TKO
Ashwin Viswanathan: Hooker via Round 4 TKO
Nate Freeman: Felder via UD
Jack Buchanan: Hooker via SD

Staff picking Felder: 12
Staff picking Hooker: 7

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