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There is a lengthy history of pro wrestlers crossing over into MMA. From the nascent days of this sport, professional wrestlers have indulged their desire to go from work to a shoot. In this episodic series, I will review fights where pro wrestlers foray into the combat world. It’s like a weird, violent version of IMDB and I am DB (Dylan Bowker). This is Pro Wrestlers in MMA #3: Nick Mitchell vs Derrick Lewis.

Mitchell is best known in pro wrestling for his run with the infamous WWE faction, The Spirit Squad. Under the pseudonym Mitch, he was one of Vince McMahon’s cronies/ part of a male cheerleading squad who were in an ongoing war with D-Generation X. Almost exactly three years after being released from his WWE contract, Nick Mitchell makes his MMA debut. He ends up taking on the much-beloved MMA figure The Black Beast.

Pro Wrestlers In MMA

Nowadays Lewis is known by many as a former UFC title challenger. A stalwart of the promotion’s heavyweight top ten who has overcome many challenges. Both inside and outside the cage. A compelling character with a great sense of humor and devastating knockout power in both hands.

At the time of this fight though, Lewis was making his debut as a professional pugilist. Worldwide Gladiator Championship was the promotion that showcased this bout and it went down on April 9th, 2010. The two ended up delivering a pretty entertaining fight. With the benefit of hindsight, a tough debut for Mitchell on the Texas regional show.

Michell began with a wide stance and Lewis eventually charged forward with punches. After the two behemoths collided into the cage, Lewis then secured a takedown. The two popped up with Lewis looking to secure a snap-down then working for a single leg. Mitchell rebounds with a takedown of his own after The Black Beast had been pressing him onto the fence.

Mitchell got to mount, landed some ground and pound, then got the back. Lewis powered out of Mitchell being on his back with Black Beast landing knees to the body and head thereafter. Mitchell landed a leg kick but Lewis would finish strong with Greco Roman work along the fence and a flurry of punches he landed to end the round.

Nick Mitchell MMA

Round two, Lewis would get a takedown right away. A very wrestling centric gameplan from Derrick Lewis here all throughout the bout. The two scrambled and Mitchell would then secure his own takedown. Mitchell goes to mount and Lewis would power out of this position. Lewis would press Mitchell onto the cage, lands a knee, and then gets taken down by the former Spirit Squad member.

Lewis would get up then after further grappling, Lewis’ shorts begin sliding down. But he kept stuffing takedowns. After one sprawl, Lewis would start raining down bombs on Mitchell which would eventually result in the fight being waved off. Lewis hit a one-handed DX crotch chop as his other arm was getting raised in the post-fight proceedings.

All in all, it was a fun fight between the cheerleading, prizefighting hybrid and the man whose balls was hot.

Nick Mitchell (vs Derrick Lewis): 4.5/10

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