Three Reasons Island Fights Is The Next Big Thing In MMA

    Island Fights
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    Island Fights is a local MMA promotion based out of Pensacola, Florida. They do events pretty much everywhere in Florida and even branch into Alabama and Georgia at times. They are easily one of the best promotions in the state of Florida. Today we will take a look at three reasons why Island Fights is the next big thing in MMA.

    Path To The UFC

    The path to the UFC on the regional scene is a long one. Island Fights has figured out a way to shorten that path. They have a way of finding the best local talent and turning them into stars. For example, Mike Perry, Michael Davis, Phil Rowe, Brok Weaver, Jacob Kilburn, and Alex Nicholson all made their way to the UFC relatively fast by making themselves stars at Island Fights. Island Fights has produced over ten young stars for the UFC over the past few years. They are also responsible for countless numbers of fighters competing in Dana White’s Contender Series, making them the number one resource for young MMA talent.

    Top-Notch Leadership And Staff

    Island Fights was founded by CEO Dean Toole. Toole has done an amazing job leading the organization to the success it has seen today. They have top-notch matchmaking and every single one of their events is memorable in every way. Their use of a ring instead of a cage which is both great for the fans and unique in the world of MMA. The promotion has also been blessed with one of the best ring announcers in the game, Christopher Rothstein. Rothstein handles all of the post-fight interviews as well. His bright personality makes every interview and introduction equally exciting. From the CEO, to the ring announcer, to the lighting guys, everyone that works for Island Fights provides the fans with a unique experience with every show.

    Island Fights Deal With UFC Fight Pass

    The promotion airs on UFC Fight Pass which is one of the biggest reasons for their success. UFC fans all across the world have access to watch the events. Not only is their product being seen by fans across the world, but also by Dana White and the rest of the UFC brass. The deal really should show you how good of a promoter Toole is since he is the one who got the fight pass deal.

    What is your favorite MMA promotion outside of the UFC and Bellator? What do you like or dislike about Island Fights? Let us know in the comments down below.


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