The Cannabis Chronicles: Eryk Anders

Eryk Anders
TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 11: Eryk Anders poses on the scale during the UFC Fight Night weigh-in at the Westin Tampa Waterside on October 11, 2019 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC)

The Cannabis Chronicles is a series that gets fighters’ opinions on cannabis in MMA. We speak to fighters to understand their view on the pros and cons marijuana has in the sport of MMA. On Tuesday, June 2nd we spoke with Eryk Anders to get his take on the subject.

Everyone Uses Cannabis

Bloody Elbow wrote an article that said 45.9 percent of MMA fighters today use cannabis. Eryk Anders retweeted the article saying “54.1% lied.” It’s becoming a lot more frequent we hear fighters saying that pretty much all fighters use cannabis. When asked to explain the post he answered, “It’s a joke really, but a lot of fighters smoke.” Although it is obviously a joke, Anders is one of many fighters that have confirmed that “everyone smokes marijuana.”

Pros And Cons

When asked about the pros of fighters using marijuana, Anders responded, “I think it helps with pain management and recovery as well as mental stimulation.” He also stated that fighters shouldn’t fight under the influence of any substances in response to the cons of cannabis in MMA. Anders also went on record to say that he doesn’t believe training while using cannabis has no negative effects. Although we do know marijuana affects everyone differently, its good to see the stigma that “pot makes you lazy” fade away.

Rule Changes

Over the years we have seen many fighters be suspended for using cannabis. So we asked Anders how he felt about the rules that are in play, listing cannabis as a banned substance. He told us that he thinks the rule should be that a fighter isn’t high while in the cage. Adding that since it takes a long time to flush your system, USADA should move to blood testing. Blood testing could let USADA see the amount of marijuana one as consumed in the last 24 hours. This would take away all suspensions for fighters that misjudge the timing of cannabis clearing their system.

What are your thoughts on marijuana use in the sport of MMA? Let us know in the comments down below.

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