UFC 4 Rumour Watch: Street Fight Mode

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Street Fight Mode Rumoured for UFC 4

Leaked pictures of UFC 4 show what appears to be in-engine footage of cover fighters Jorge Masvidal in an unsanctioned backyard fight and Israel Adesanya in Muay Thai wraps but not wearing gloves. These pictures are believed to be from the reveal trailer that is being posted later this week. It is possible that UFC 4 will allow players to begin their career fighting in unsanctioned matches. Previous games in the series had the player begin their career in smaller promotions. In UFC 3, the long-defunct WFA promotion was the first stop for most players in career mode. In THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3, there was even a whole game mode based on Japanese promotion PRIDE with different rules.

But if UFC 4 does have street fights as the beginning of its career mode it will be a first for the series. Indeed, it is a possible source for controversy if a game branded as EA Sports UFC 4 allows players to participate in matches unsanctioned by sports authorities.

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Alternative Explanation – Unique Story Mode for UFC 4

Another possibility offered for the pictures is that UFC 4 will feature cut-scenes. Jorge Masvidal fought in the same Florida backyard scene as the late Kimbo Slice in his youth. It is possible that these are played when pursuing a career mode as Jorge Masvidal or Israel Adesanya.

Alternatively, it is possible that they simply play as part of the game’s opening cinematic. It is even a possibility that these scenes were created purely for the release trailer. If this is true then they would not reflect actual gameplay. The purpose of the shot of Israel Adesanya in what appears to be Muay Thai wraps is unknown, however. Though the New Zealander was inspired to take up Muay Thai after seeing the film Ong-Bak there is no evidence to suggest he ever competed in bare knuckle contests.

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