Ras Hylton Pulls Out Win at Bellator 242 on Three Days Notice

Ras Hylton won by unanimous decision in a fight he got on three days notice.

Heavyweight Ras Hylton may not have had a full camp to prepare for his fight against Rudy Schaffroth but he still managed to do enough in the judges’ eyes to get the victory at Bellator 242.  This is the first fight for both in their pro careers to go the distance. Hylton is now 6-4 in his professional career.

The Fight

In the first round, Schaffroth managed to get a knockdown on Hylton and swarmed on him before the round ended. In the second round, not much happened other than a few strike exchanges. Schaffroth was visibly exhausted and taking heavy breaths. In the third round, Schaffroth got a takedown on Hylton and mostly laid on top of Hylton for the entirety of the round. Hylton laid against the cage and used the opportunity to deliver strikes to his opponent. The judges scored the fight 29-28 for Ras Hylton.

Hylton’s Post-Fight Comments

Even though he got the win, Hylton appeared disappointed to not get a finish. “It feels great that I won. I did enough to squeak out the win against a really tough opponent,” He said. “I can’t wait to do it again to get the proper finish that I am looking for… I got a decision so I didn’t do enough.”

Initially, Schaffroth’s opponent was Steve Mowry but Mowry tested positive for COVID-19. Hylton was game when got the call. “I always prepare for a fight. Doesn’t matter when it is, where it is,” he said.

He credited his “length, experience, and [his] good team” for helping him in this fight. “It takes a village to raise one. It took two villages to raise this one.”

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