Judge dismisses Dana White Sex Tape Case

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Court case dismissed…

A Nevada judge has dismissed a pending court case against Dana White, involving a sex tape and extortion plot. Ernesto Joshua Ramos filed suit against Dana White as well as the UFC earlier this year. He accused Dana of backing out of a deal to pay him $450,000.00. The deal was to keep the tape a secret after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Ramos pled guilty to felony extortion that saw him land in prison for a year. With Dana White’s assistance, the FBI secretly recorded the meeting where Ramos attempted to extort Dana White. He attempted to extort money in exchange for not releasing a videotape of his girlfriend at the time and Dana White having sex. The tape was made in 2014. She was a stripper at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, and she allegedly recorded the sex act in Brazil on her cellphone.

Extortion plot…

Dana White was attempting to get the case thrown out of court saying the non-disclosure agreement was simply a deal to enter into mediation for compensation, and not a deal to pay an actual amount to Ramos.

District Judge David Jones agreed to throw the case out, determining Ramos did not have an actual contract with Dana White or the UFC. Jones dismissed the case entirely after an hour or so long hearing.

Upset by the dismissal…

Ramos’ attorney Ian Christopherson plans to appeal the case to the Nevada Supreme Court. Christopherson said, speaking to the Las Vegas Journal. “He was clearly in error that there is no cause of action for any breach of a mediation contract as a matter of law.”

Ramos wrote his thoughts on the dismissal and said. “Taking one side at their word while brushing off the other, (especially when we have discovery), doesn’t seem fair. In fact, Judge Jones claims to be running his campaign for re-election as a Judge who believes in ‘equal and fair justice for all. Doesn’t seem to be the case with this matter.”

“So, It’s my right under the Constitution, and I can do what I feel is right for me and my family, to now proceed further to the Supreme Court.”

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