Ranking of the Best Sports Academies in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA has gained incredible popularity during recent years. Being one of the fastest-growing sports, it is attracting more and more professional sportsmen. Moreover, most MMA competitions are usually visited by crowds of supporters. But what should you do in case you want to become a pro MMA fighter? What academy or camp is it better to choose to start training? In this post, you will find out the best places to become a skilled MMA professional.

Before You Start Searching

It is important to note that MMA hasn’t become a college kind of sport yet. Therefore, in case you are planning to find a college with such a program, it might appear to be incredibly difficult. However, there are some special camps that are developed exactly for professional training.

But what if you are already a student who wants to sharpen the MMA skills? Unfortunately, most learners don’t have enough time for professional sports. Who can do my math hw? How can I cope with such a whopping number of various academic assignments? These are the most common questions asked by crowds of students. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. Just choose a reputable and fast essay writing service to get your papers done. This way, you will have excellent academic performance at college and still have lots of free time for your favorite sports. Now, it’s time to choose the best place for MMA training for sharpening your skills.

Jackson’s MMA

This camp is considered to be one of the best places for MMA training in the world. It was established in the early 1990th by the world-famous fighter Greg Jackson. Located in New Mexico, this center has everything any pro fighter needs for successful training. The camp is focused on mixed martial arts, kickboxing, BJJ, and wrestling. However, the sportsmen who are professionals in other types of martial arts are also welcomed. The center is known to train the world champions, while lots of the greatest fighters are visiting Jackson’s MMA to prepare for the competitions. You can easily meet Shane Carwin, Carolos Condit, Tom Watson, and other MMA experts in this camp.

Black House MMA

This mixed martial arts center has several programs you can join in different parts of the world. It has MMA gyms in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Rio De Janeiro. Black House MMA was founded in 2006 and gained incredible popularity since then. Hundreds of sportsmen all over the world come to visit the camp centers for regular training and preparing for the competitions. It has a large community of pro fighters. Most of them are experts in Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing, American wrestling, and Savate. Blac House MMA has prepared numerous MMA superstars, including Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, and Jose Aldo.

Xtreme Couture

This is another hot spot for mixed martial arts enthusiasts. This place is included in the list of the best MMA gyms worldwide by most experts. Xtreme Couture was founded in 2006 on the rise of MMA popularity. Its centers are located in Nevada, Florida, and Ontario. The gyms in Ontario and Florida has no limitations for types of martial arts – it attracts fighters of all kinds you can imagine. It is important to note that lots of MMA sportsmen with world fame visit Xtreme Couture regularly. Gray Maynard, Vitor Belfort, and Forrest Griffin are among them.


The American Kickboxing Academy, also known as AKA, is the right place for both beginner and professional MMA fighters. Located in California, this place is incredibly popular among sportsmen all over the world. It is also worth mentioning that not only AKA is focused on kickboxing training. It is easy to improve your fighting skills in Jiu-Jitsu and other popular kinds of martial arts. It has lots of programs for professional sportsmen who would like to try taking part in spectacular mixed martial arts competitions. By the way, Mike Swick and Jon Fitch had been training at American Kickboxing Academy before they became world-known fighters.

Kings MMA

Being one of the best training centers on the West Coast, Kings MMA has already gained world popularity. The center is focused on submission offense, kickboxing, BJJ, and Muay Thai. This is a top place for training mixed martial arts for lots of pro sportsmen. Anderson Silva and Mark Munoz are also among them.

There are numerous places for professional MMA training you can easily find in different states. However, they are mostly attracting expert sportsmen who are extremely good in various types of martial arts. In case you are new to the area, it is surely better to start learning the basics before visiting these camps. Feel free to start with kickboxing, box, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay-Thai, or any other popular kind of martial arts. Improve your physical fit, gain some fighting skills, and learn the most effective techniques before switching to mixed martial arts.

Notable Mention

Texas is a large state, but if you’re ever in Beaumont, Texas, then the best place for BJJ in the city is 10th Planet Martial Arts Beaumont. They don’t only offer BJJ, but also Muay-Thai, Kickboxing and No-Gi Judo.

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