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Bare Knuckle FC 15 Results

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MMA Sucka has you covered for Bare Knuckle FC 15 results and round by round breakdowns this weekend. Friday, December 11, should be another outstanding night of action and violence as BKFC 15 takes place.

The card is stacked and British superstar Tyler Goodjohn makes his BKFC debut against the always entertaining Charles Bennett. The event lost one half of their main event as Sam Shewmaker was supposed to fight Mark Godbeer but Godbeer had to pull out of the fight. Bobo O’Bannon, fresh off his victory over Mike Kyle stepped in to face Shewmaker, saving the card.

Tyler Goodjohn makes his BKFC debut and will do so with a lot of fanfare. He’s a known quantity, a boxer from the UK who has also been very successful in the bare-knuckle boxing world over there as well. He’ll be facing Charles Bennett who is always entertaining, if not successful. Bennett has lost fourteen consecutive bouts.

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Bare Knuckle FC 15 Results – Main Card

Sam Shewmaker def. Bobo O’Bannon via TKO (Strikes) at 3:00 of Round 1

Recap: Shewmaker came out early and landed some solid shots, knocking O’Bannon down. O’Bannon was knocked down a second time and Shewmaker opened up and started throwing more haymakers. Shewmaker unloaded on O’Bannon at the bell and O’Bannon could not beat the count. Wow! Shewmaker looked really good.

Tyler Goodjohn def. Charles Bennett via Unanimous Decision

Recap: Goodjohn did some taunting and holding his hands down early on. Goodjohn landed a lead jab that knocked Bennett down as his feet got crossed up. Bennett was not hurt but lost the round nonetheless.

Tyler Goodjohn seems more interested in showing off than fighting. His hands are at his hips and he taunted Bennet throughout the round. Bennett landed a short left and cut Goodjohn. Goodjohn wobbled Bennett with a left hook at the bell.

Bennett tried to land big shots but couldn’t seem to reach Goodjohn with any consistency. Goodjohn employed more showboating and is now cut around both eyes. This fight has been odd and pretty much anticlimatic. If Goodjohn wanted to make a splash in BKFC, he’s not making it happen.

Goodjohn landed the better shots in round four. Bennett stepped on his foot and Goodjohn went down. It was ruled a slip but Bennett was upset and yelled at the referee. Goodjohn won the round but still, this fight hasn’t been a great look for him.

More single shots were thrown by both fighters in the final round. You get the feeling that had Goodjohn made any real effort to close things out he could have, but instead, he showboated his way to a lackluster likely decision victory.

Dakota Cochrane def. Tyler Vogel via TKO (Dr. Stoppage) at 1:21 of Round 5

Recap: Lots of feeling out throughout the round and it appeared Vogel got the better of the exchanges. Close round, I scored it for Vogel.

More of the same in the second round. Not a lot of damaging shots landed by either fighter. Vogel did land the bigger shots and could well be up by two rounds to none.

Dakota Cochrane came out much more active in the third round and did some damage early on. Vogel tried to use his footwork and boxing experience but Vogel was hit with some big shots. Vogel heard the ten-second clapper and thought it was the end of the round and ate a left hook.

Late Round Momentum Change…

Cochrane landed some heavy shots to open the fourth round. Vogel is on the defensive and momentum is all with Cochrane at this point. Vogel had some swelling and bleeding from the left eye as the round ended.

Dakota Cochrane opened the final round by landing a series of jabs and a left hook. Short left uppercut by Cochrane landed and split Vogel open. The doctor was called in and stopped the fight due to a very bad cut on the eye and cheekbone of Vogel.

Josh Burns def. Chris Sarro via KO (Right Hand) at 0:19 of Round 2

Recap: Fighters came together and Burns claimed he was poked in the eye but it was a punch. Burns has a ton of power and every time he hit Sarro, it hurt him. Both fighters spent a lot of time in the clinch. Not a lot of clean shots landed by either fighter.

Burns landed a triple jab and then a big right hand that folded Sarro up like a lawn chair. Burns grabbed him and referee Dan Miragliotta throws him across the ring. That was a big, clean right hand by Burns after the triple jab.

Jenny Savage def. Sheena Starr via TKO (Dr. Stoppage) at 0:43 of Round 2

Recap: Jenny Savage started out fast, throwing haymakers. Starr took them well, but her face started swelling and bleeding. Savage landing hard shots, but Starr answered with some counters. Starr’s face is a mess. Excellent round for Savage!

The fighters wasted little time getting back at it in the second round. Savage again had success with her lead left. The referee stops the fight to check on the cuts and the doctor calls the fight off. Sheena Starr had two big cuts and a nasty knot on her head. Big win for Jenny Savage!

Brad Kelly def. Kaine Tomlinson via TKO (Left Hand) at 3:00 of Round 1

Recap: Good action early on and Kaine Tomlinson landed a series of damaging uppercuts. Then out of seemingly nowhere Tomlinson ate a shot and went down. He got to his feet and was immediately dropped by Kelly again. Straight left/jab puts Kaine Tomlinson down again and this time, it’s all over. Huge TKO victory for “Machine Gun” Kelly who ate some serious uppercuts in the early going.

Harris Stephenson def. Drew Lipton via TKO (Punches) at 1:19 of Round 1

Recap: Both men worked behind jabs, but Stephenson had a definite reach advantage. Stephenson knocked Lipton twice in the first round and the second time, he didn’t get back to his feet. Stephenson looked very sharp and won this fight convincingly.

Quenton Henry def. Jason Fann via TKO (Punch) at 0:25 of Round 1

Recap: This didn’t take long at all. Fann was coming forward, Henry landed a jab/straight shot that dropped Fann. Fann wasn’t able to beat the count and that was a wrap! Quick TKO for Quenton Henry. He looked in better shape than his last fight as well.

Bare Knuckle FC 15 Results – Prelims (Results Only)

Lewis Rumsey def. Adrian Miles via TKO (Eye Injury) at 0:20 of Round 1
Adam Pellerano def. Rusty Crowder via Unanimous Decision

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