iKON 5 To Take Place On March 5th

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Dean Toole posted on his Facebook yesterday that iKON 5 will take place on March 5th. The post also specified that the card will take place in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Biloxi Civic Center.

Return To The States

iKON 5 will be the promotion’s first card back in the states since their debut event, with iKON 2-4 taking place in San Carlos, Mexico. It seems like iKON will be going back and forth from Biloxi to San Carlos. It’s similar to how the UFC goes back and forth from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi. iKON has shown its ability to adapt to the hard times of being in a global pandemic. Their return to the states will likely give a lot of fighters from the southeast region of the United States their shot to showcase their talents in front of the world.

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Social Media

Although iKON has not booked any fights for this card yet, it hasn’t stopped the fighters from throwing their names in the hat. SD Dumas threw his name in the hat immediately on social media. He said, “It’s almost showtime, I cannot wait it has been a long time coming.” It looks like Dumas might be in talks to be on the card. Dumas also stated that he wants to move up the ladder and get to the top so he can get a contract from Dana White. Ken Porter, Joe Penafiel, and Shane O’Shea also commented on Toole’s post looking to get on the card.

How To Watch

For information about iKON 5 or any other iKON card, visit This card will be shown exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. Although they have not started selling tickets yet, if they do allow fans in attendance, tickets can be purchased from the iKON official website. iKON is working closely With RJJ, Roy Jones Jr Boxing. RJJ also announced that their next event will be on March 4th just one day prior to iKON 5 and will also be held at the Biloxi Civic Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. That event will also be shown exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

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