Punishments Dealt out for Post-Fight KSW 58 Brawl

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Saturday, January 30, 2021, saw KSW host their first event of 2021. In a year that looks to be bright for the organization, it started out on a very rough note. After the welterweight clash between two undefeated stars, Uros Jurisic and Shamil Musaev, a post-fight brawl broke out in the cage along with several parties from both sides inside the cage. As expected, KSW brass has already dealt out sanctioning punishments for parties involved.

KSW 58 Brawl: The Statement

KSW brass released the following statement in reference to fighters, cornermen, and any/all other parties who were involved in the post-fight melee.

“Due to the incident that took place on January 30, 2021, during the KSW 58 gala, after the fight between Shamil Musaev and Uroš Jurišić, the KSW board decided to punish the players responsible for this situation.

Shamil Musaev and Uroš Jurišić received financial penalties of 50 and 30 percent respectively. salary.

Abus Magomedov, representing Shamil Musaev’s corner, was banned from fighting for 6 months and banned from working in the corner for 12 months.

Additionally, all unauthorized persons who enter the cage after the end of the fight are prohibited from entering the KSW gala as members of the contestants’ teams.

The KSW Board emphasizes that it does not accept unsportsmanlike behavior and breaking the Federation’s rules by players and members of their teams. Any such behavior deserves condemnation and severe consequences.

The money from the penalties will be transferred in full to the treatment of two sick girls – Laura Paczuła and Pola Omielańczuk.”

Laura Paczula is a 21-month old child fighting for her life. The other child who is going to be a valued recipient of these funds is Pola Omielanczuk. She is the daughter of KSW and UFC veteran Daniel Omielanczuk, who is first competed for KSW all the way back at KSW 12.

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