HōmeBodies Launches 54 Card Pick Up

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If you haven’t heard of HōmeBodies you may be hiding under a rock. The dynamic couple, Remi Ishizuka and Nate Pontious grew from minor Instagram sensations into major 300,000 fitness-obsessed Instagram followers. Well, the two have come out with their first product and it is the true definition of the duo — 54 Card Pick Up.

HomeBodies 54 Card Pick Up Launches on Monday

HōmeBodies is a very unique workout program that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Remi and Nate have committed to uploading one brand new one-hour workout every single day. They release seven brand new workouts a week – that’s a new workout each and every day. And each workout is created with their in-ear coaching style as they guide you through the entire workout, reminding you to have the right form and keep moving. Instead of boring repetitive circuits and basic movements, they are always challenging you to move in different ways.

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Remi - HōmeBodies

One workout that has garnered attention from their followers is 54 card pick-up. They would use a deck of playing cards and each card and suit represented a unique exercise and rep count. Well, on Monday, their officially branded HōmeBodies deck of cards will be released.

It’s not only their followers’ favorite workout, but it’s theirs as well.

This customized Deck of Cards & program sets the bar for customizing your very own HōmeBodies workouts no matter where you are. It’s fun, challenging and unpredictable.

It’s HōmeBodies in your pocket!

What You Get:

  • Customized double-sided cards with 54 different sweat dripping cardio and strength-based movements

  • 4 LIVE workouts with Remi and Nate (starts 1/20 and access ends 4/10)

  • 54 Movement demonstration videos & 10+ ways to play

  • Workouts are all bodyweight, no equipment needed

The deck of cards costs a measly $35 USD. As stated above, you get customized cards, four live workouts, demo videos and a ton of different ways to play. This, all from the comfort of your own home. What’s not to love. Pick your deck of cards up on Monday morning at this link, https://www.rrayyme.com/deck-of-cards.

Whether you’re an MMA or UFC fighter, a gym rat or just someone who works out at home, then you could utilize the HōmeBodies deck of cards.


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