The Heaviest Boxing Match in History (Update)

Heaviest Boxing Match

2021 has delivered big for combat sports. Elite promotions from across the globe have showcased top contenders and champions for the combat sports fan’s pleasure. Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor, Paige Vanzant vs. Brittain Hart, Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns, Adrien Broner vs. Jovanie Santiago, and the list goes on. However, no fight will be (literally) bigger than Thor Björnsson v. Eddie Hall: The Heaviest Boxing Match in History.

The Heaviest Boxing Match in History

On January 16, Hafþór Björnsson competed in an exhibition boxing match in preparation for his September 2021 bout with former fellow strongman, Eddie Hall. The event took place in Dubai and, interestingly enough, was in-part commentated by Bas Rutten. Björnsson took on Steven “The Quiet Man” Ward, an accomplished professional boxer, and former European Light Heavyweight Champion.

The bout was scheduled for three, three-minute rounds. Björnsson tipped the scales at an enormous 344 lbs., opposite of Ward’s 217 lb. frame. Björnsson also enjoyed a significant height and reach advantage stepping into the ring.

The fight went the distance and, as per the nature of exhibition bouts, was called a draw. The entire fight can be watched here.

Eddie Hall Reaction

After the fight, Eddie Hall discussed his thoughts about the exhibition bout. In a brutal YouTube video, Hall blasted Björnsson and the event, citing it was, “the biggest load of sh*t that has ever probably happened in boxing.”

Ice cold words from the Brit.

Throughout the video, Hall lays into Björnsson saying things like, “Do you want the God honest truth? He didn’t land a single f*cking punch in three rounds”. Hall even laid into the commentary at one point, saying they, “gobbled him [Björnsson] off. Told him how good he was.”

Evidently, Hall was not impressed by his Icelandic opponent.

Inching Closer

As we look forward to the Heaviest Boxing Match in History, things are certainly heating up. Björnsson and Hall are in the gym every day, getting stronger (if that is even possible), getting quicker, and most importantly, learning the sport of boxing. Björnsson v. Hall will be a fight in combat sports you certainly will not want to miss.


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