Should Amanda Nunes Be Considered On The Overall P4P List?

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “pound-for-pound” as, “used when comparing a pound of one thing with a pound of something similar.” The most-debated topic in all of combat sports, be it boxing or MMA, is, “Who belongs on the P4P list?” Sugar Ray Robinson revolutionalized the term making boxing critics considered any fighter smaller than a heavyweight as having the skill and potential to be the greatest. ESPN currently has a “men’s P4P” and a women’s P4P” list. Can similarities be made with Sugar Ray Robinson from the boxing world and Amanda Nunes from the world of Women’s MMA? Many will say she belongs on a top P4P list, regardless of any gender labelling.

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Amanda Nunes – The Resume

Stopping the Unstoppable

Marlos Coenen, Leslie Smith, Tonya Evinger, Holly Holm, and Julia Budd. Aside from being some of the best WMMA fighters over the last handful of years, all of these women have fallen victim to one devastating force, Cris Cyborg.

Already the UFC’s bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes took the task to try and derail the Cyborg train at UFC 232 on December 29, 2018. In what proved to be a shock to many, Nunes ran through Cyborg, knocking her out in 51 seconds of the first round. With the win, Nunes earned the featherweight title and became the first women’s double champ. Handing Cyborg the only knockout loss of her career, Amanda Nunes signified to the world that she is the absolute best.

The Accolades and Strength of Schedule

Amanda Nunes’ last eight bouts have been either for a title or a title defense. In four of those outings, Nunes earned a Performance of the Night bonus showing not only can she win the fight, but can do it on a scale as dominant as her male counterparts. Her strength of schedule can easily be summarized in one statement. She is tied with Jon Jones (6) for most wins over UFC champions.

Currently standing at 1,694 days as of March 02, 2021, as the bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes is the longest-reigning champion on the UFC’s roster. That reign currently has her as the fifth-longest reigning champion in history. Along with her UFC gold, Nunes has racked up female fighter of the year awards from practically every MMA outlet since 2016.

The Reigns

The UFC has seen a handful of “double champs,” a fighter who holds championship titles in two weight classes simultaneously. The difference between EVERY other fighter (male) and Nunes (the ONLY female to do so) is she is the only fighter to defend titles in two divisions while holding both titles simultaneously. Prior to her UFC 259 featherweight title defense against Megan Anderson, Nunes has defended the featherweight title once and the bantamweight title five successful times. The ticker will continue to turn on her bantamweight reign which as of March 02, 2021, stands at 1,694 days as the champion. This reign is 620 days longer than the reign of Ronda Rousey, who many previously believed to be the greatest female fighter of all time.

Quote From The Owner of ATT

Dan Lambert, found of American Top Team, which is Nunes’ main camp, stated in June 2020 to MMAFighting, “If it’s a conversation on the female GOAT, I don’t think there’s another name you can throw into the mix and have an argument over,” Lambert told MMA Fighting.

“Pound-for-pound GOAT is what I think she’s working her way into the mix on. Male, female, weight division, anything. I think her name should be in that mix right now. If you look at the run she’s been on, the champions she’s beaten, the ex-champions she’s beaten. The manner in which she’s beaten them and made it look so effortless, two divisions. I think her name is right there in that mix, male or female.”

Closing Thoughts

At 32-years-old and an unknown number of title defenses still on the horizon, the story of Nunes’ greatness has still not been totally written. Even where her career stands as of right now, Amanda Nunes should be considered a pound-for-pound great, regardless of gender. When no one can argue as to who the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all time is, there should not be an argument as to why she cannot be considered on the overall P4P rankings list.

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