Jan Blachowicz Wrestles his way to a win vs. Isreal Adesanya

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Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya is a wrap! UFC 259 is now a wrap! All three of the championship contests are in the books. You can catch up on all the results here.

Jan Blachowicz defeats Israel Adesanya via Unanimous Decision

In the main event of the night, Israel Adesanya moved up to light heavyweight to try and capture his second world title. Adesanya entered the contest with Jan Blachowicz as the middleweight champion. He was hoping to leave with two titles. Blachowicz was looking to defend his title and take out one of the biggest names in the sport.

During the first round, both fighters spent time measuring their opponent and throwing single shots, and establishing their pace. Adesanya landed more strikes, and the fight went his way in the first round.

The second round was a better round for Blachowicz as he landed some decent right hands and got his jab working. He did take a poke to the eye and a low blow, but neither seemed to damage “The Polish Hammer” very much. Adesanya continued to be the more active striker and the round was very close.

Jan Blachowivz controlled the championship rounds.

Blachowicz secured a takedown but Adesanya did a tremendous job getting to his feet. Once standing he stung Blachowicz with a strike that hurt him. “The Last Stylebender” did not follow up and Blachowicz secured the clinch. Back and forth action on the feet to close the round. This seemed to be a very close fight.

Adesanya landed some good shots to open the fourth, but Blachowicz shot a perfect double leg and passed the guard immediately. Blachowicz was super heavy on top and was able to keep Adesanya down and hold him there. Blachowicz stepped over into side control and controlled Adesanya and is big on the scorecards.

The two spend the first half of the round throwing jabs, kicks, and hooks. It was pretty even with Adesanya could have been holding a slight edge. Blachowicz secured another takedown and grappled his way to half-guard. The time expired and the judges rendered a decision.

Israel Adesanya spoke to Joe Rogan and said, “No, it didn’t go the way I thought, because I thought I’d win. Critics can speak from the sideline, but I’m putting it on the line.”

After the victory, Joe Rogan spoke to the champion Jan Blachowicz. He had this to say. “I thought he’d be faster. I knew I could take him down. I’m bigger and stronger, I had to wait for the right moment.” When asked about his gameplan he said, “I wanted to work more with my left hand. I wanted to do more boxing.” He alluded that his next opponent will be Glover Teixeira.

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