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Lorenzo Hunt “Gonna Keep Smackin’ ‘Em” After BKFC 17 Win

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Lorenzo Hunt brought his win streak in the BKFC ring to four on Friday, picking up a dominant TKO victory over Josh Dyer in the fifth round. “The Juggernaut” scored several knockdowns, proving to be faster and more technical than his opponent.

“I feel great,” Hunt told MMA Sucka, “I went out there and did what I planned to do. I didn’t expect Josh to be that tough or to be that nimble. He did really good staying away from me as much as he could. I expected him to come forward like a dog, but he tried to be smart about it. The only thing is, I can fight going forward and moving backwards, so that works out for me.”

Lorenzo Hunt in Prime Spot

The win for Hunt puts him in an exciting position, as he now sports a 6-1 record in the BKFC ring, alternating time between the 195-pound and 205-pound divisions. Moreover, he is one of the top contenders in both divisions, according to the unofficial BKFC rankings. Although a belt is not spoken for in those divisions yet, there are still some high-profile options for him. MMA veterans Dakota Cochrane and Chris LebenĀ both frequent these divisions in BKFC as well. With both of them coming off of a win, either seem like viable options for Hunt. However, the name of the fighter standing across from him in the ring does not seem to matter to the Tampa native.

Said Hunt, “I’m just gonna keep smackin’ ’em until there’s nothing left to smack.”

Lorenzo Hunt on Getting Colleges Involved in BKFC

Lorenzo Hunt also made sure that his pre-fight walkout was as entertaining as the fight itself. He brought in two members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity to lead him out with a choreographed dance to Crime Mob’s “Knuck if You Buck”. Hunt, adorned with his traditional hooded cape, then came out and jumped over the two men to begin his walk to the ring.

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When asked about the walkout, Hunt said, “Well I just wanted to give a shout out, you know. This is a whole new venue, a new whole state that opened up to us, so I wanted to give a shout out to the college by reaching out to them and having their guys come out and rep their [fraternity]. Hopefully we’ll have more college students out here rockin’ with us, supporting the BKFC, and supporting ‘The Juggernaut’.”

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