Rumor: Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz to Box in Triller?

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Two UFC legends are rumored to be meeting in a boxing match in Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz. The two UFC greats, Silva and Ortiz, may be facing off against each other under the Triller banner. Both Silva and Ortiz are former UFC champions who competed in different weight classes.

Boxing Under Triller: Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz

According to Guilherme Cruz, a journalist for @MMAFighting, in Brazil, wrote on Twitter on August 11th:

 “BREAKING: A boxing match between former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz is targeted for Triller event on Sept. 11, multiple sources told myself and @DamonMartin. Story coming to @MMAFighting.”

An  Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz under Triller would follow the recent trend of celebrity boxing. Such fights have been major events such as Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, KSI vs Logan Paul, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., among others.

Triller is a digital media company founded in 2015. They recently hosted pay-per-view boxing fights between YouTube celebrity Jake Paul and UFC fighter Ben Askren, and two retired boxers in Tyson vs Jones Jr.

Triller is a video sharing app which, “People can film multiple takes of themselves rapping to songs and then use the app’s artificial intelligence to automatically pull the best of those clips to make professionally-looking music videos,” According to DigiDay.

The Tito Ortiz vs Anderson Silva fight is rumored to be on Triller’s September 11th fight event. This event will also see 11 Time Boxing World Champion Oscar De La Hoya box former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort.

The two, Tito Ortiz and Anderson Silva, are heavily experienced in MMA. Both fighters are currently the same age at 46. Ortiz fought consistently at a higher weight class under light heavyweight, while Silva spent most of his career at middleweight he had some fights at light heavyweight.

This fight is said be taking place in-between the two weight classes. Ortiz fought his career at 205 lbs, and Silva spent most of his career at 185 lbs. The Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz boxing fight is to take place 195 lbs.

Anderson Silva and Boxing

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian-born former UFC Champion. He has 11 title wins in his UFC history and was middleweight champion for the longest title reign in UFC history at 2457 days. He defeated Rich Franklin, in 2006, to earn his first UFC title, and lost it to Chris Weidman, in 2013.

In the last years of Silva’s UFC career, he began to struggle. In his last bouts after losing the championship, Silva went 1 win, 6 losses, and 1 No-Contest.

Earlier in 2021 Anderson Silva took a professional boxing match against Julio César Chávez Jr. who is a former WBC middleweight titleholder and left victorious. This fight took place in Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico. Previous to that Silva had a 1-1 professional boxing record from fights in 1998 and 2005.

Anderson Silva, in an interview with MMA Sucka, was recently playing with the idea that he might be boxing a Paul brother. Instead it sounds as though that the fight we will get is Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz is best known for his title reign and being a pioneer in the UFC. His fights with Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock, and Randy Couture helped build the UFC to what it is today. Ortiz is a UFC Hall of Fame fighter who has defended the UFC Light Heavyweight title in five fights.

Tito Ortiz more recently has been serving as Mayor pro tempore of Huntington Beach, California, his hometown. After six months in office, Ortiz resigned from the position stating, “This job isn’t working for me.” As Mayor pro tempore Ortiz has some controversies regarding COVID-19 and an unemployment claim.

In professional boxing, Tito Ortiz has no experience. He was a wrestling-based fighter in MMA with a record of 21-12. His last MMA bout was in 2019 against Alberto El Patrónwho is best known for being a WWE professional wrestler.

Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz would represent two former UFC world champions meeting in a boxing ring and under boxing rules. Both fighters are Hall of Fame worthy and are legends in Mixed Martial Arts, leaving long legacies. For now, the Triller boxing fight is just a rumor.

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