Macy Chiasson Thinks Fight With Aspen Ladd Could Go Many Different Ways

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A fight that was expected to go down in July will now take place on October 2. A pivotal match in the UFC 135-pound division between Macy Chiasson and Aspen Ladd takes place at UFC Vegas 38.

Prior to the fight, Chiasson caught up with James Lynch for MMASucka.com and spoke about a number of topics.

Macy Chaisson Wants to Show Off the Basics Against Aspen Ladd

What caused the injury prior to the initial booking?

“I broke my foot in camp about two and a half weeks before the fight. It was like the last 10-seconds of sparring that week, I threw a front kick and somebody blocked it with their knee and so the bottom of my foot hit their knee. Yeah, it hurt really bad, but I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve had injuries that hurt really bad before that weren’t that bad, like not a break, like a really deep bone bruise. The next day I got up to walk and my whole foot was purple and I couldn’t put any weight on my foot.

After about a week it was feeling a little bit better, it wasn’t as stiff as when I initially injured it, so what I started doing is I would cast it with tape and a sleeve and then I would put a wrestling shoe on. So I did most of my camp with a broken foot. Usually, when I fight, I’m a very bouncy fighter with elusive movement, I was fighting literally flat-footed, because any sort of bounce or movement was excruciating, like to the point where I would fall over and hold my foot.”

Why this fight makes sense for the division?

“People are sleeping on the 35 women’s division, so I think people are sleeping on this fight. It’s gonna be a really good fight, you’re gonna see a lot of good transitions, you’re gonna see real MMA. I’m so hyped, I’m excited.”

How Macy Chiasson sees the fight against Aspen Ladd playing out?

“I think we could see a really tirelessly, nonstop back and forth three rounder. Or maybe a little reversal position in the grappling exchange. Or I catch her. My boxing has been on point, my hands are unlike any level and I usually don’t boost about myself like that but I’ve been working with Charles Byrd and he’s helped me a lot in the last few months. The secret is just basics — tight defense, always moving, never stay in a vulnerable spot, head movement, jabs, so I’m really excited to show off my basics. I think this fight could go many different ways.”


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