Blazepod – A New Training System For Combat Sports Athletes

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Having quick reflexes is a must when it comes to combat sports. Fast-twitch muscle movements are key for punching, kicking, kneeing, grappling or whatever your go-to is on the mats or in the cage. Well, the latest craze on the fitness scene is the Blazepod.

Blazepod Review

The Pods

If you watched the video above, or even if you didn’t, you can see from the thumbnail that the pods themselves are very eye-catching. They are well designed, with powerful RGB LED lights with 8 bright color options. These bad boys are so tough, that they can be tapped with your feet, hit with heavy wall balls or even strapped to a punching bag for some killer MMA training drills. Yes, they are smashproof and also weatherproof for that outdoor training.


The functionality is endless with the Blazepod. The coolest part is you can use as few or as many pods as you want. Cost can come into play, so it all depends on which bundle you decide to plunge into.

They are portable with a stackable design that fits into a sleek carrying case. The pods themselves connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth and that’s all you need. They are charged by stacking and plugging them into a USB port, with a single charge lasting an impressive 8-hours. Another awesome feature, which depends on what you purchase is the different adapters. You can get a functional kit, which features adapters, straps and suction cups, so you can basically put your pods anywhere.

Within the app there are plenty of activities for all skill levels. Don’t think this is by any means a solo tool, you can also compete against your training partner or friends in many different drills, whether those are physical or cognitive. And once you complete the task at hand the app will measure and analyze exactly what you have done.

Use for MMA

This is a very unique training system for MMA fighters specifically. If your coach is busy holding the pads for a teammate, then you can hit the pods instead. With them, fighters will be improving brain processing skills and reaction times while building faster, stronger fighters who are light on their feet and strike at a moment’s notice. BlazePod’s offers dozens of strength and conditioning drills to train your fighters to be stronger, more agile and quicker on their feet as they move around the mat.

Let’s dive even deeper, the training drills include processing speed, react and attack, power and conditioning, ring/cage movement, agility and strength, as well as defensive reactions. If none of the preloaded drills within the app tickle your fancy, then you can also create and save your own drills in the create section on the app.

One on One with Blazepod Director of Business Development Brian Farber

MMASucka.com’s Jeremy Brand was able to catch up with Blazepod Director of Business Development Brian Farber to discuss all things Blazepod. Check out the video below.

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