Pat Miletich Discusses Profit Sharing and Rules Changes in MMA

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Legendary trainer, UFC Champion, and UFC Hall of Fame fighter Pat Miletich and I recently sat down to discuss all things in the MMA world and what he has going on right now. Pat Miletich trained fighters such as Rich Franklin, Tim Sylvia, Dave Menne, Matt Hughes, Mark Coleman, Robbie Lawler, Jens Pulver, and others. He is a pioneer of MMA and is now working with Caged Aggression.

Pat and I discuss why he even got into this sport, rule changes, Tito Ortiz’s alley fight Lee Murray, his kickboxing match last year, and more.

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Why Did Pat Miletich Enter MMA?

“I was in college and my mother got sick with heart problems. Had to go home and take care of her.” Pat Miletich began competing in MMA before it was even called MMA, before the rules were finalized, it was still largely called no holds barred fighting. What motivates an individual to begin fighting in this sport during that era?

“I was working three jobs, pouring concrete during the day, bar-tending, and bouncing…I sat down one day and said this is not what was intended for my life. When I was pouring concrete…One of the foremen, from Kentucky, said a karate man could beat up a wrestler any day. This was before the UFC came along, long before the UFC… At lunchtime, we went out into the field and took him down real easy and didn’t beat him up or anything. Then he gave me a free week pass to go to a kickboxing gym…I thought yeah I should do that… Then the UFC came along and I said they actually created my sport, this is incredible.”

What Rule Changes would Pat Implement?

“Monte Cox and I actually wrote the rules for the state of Iowa.” In the early days of MMA Pat Miletich was one of the fighters who was working with early pioneers such as John McCarthy to carve out what the rules of MMA would be, and discussed these idealized rules with athletic commissions. After 20 years of being a piece of this sport, what rules would Pat Miletich implement today?

“The stomp kick to the knee I think should be absolutely outlawed. That’s a sudden traumatic blow directly to a joint which can cripple somebody. Not only end their career but cause them problems in life…If we’re going to call it a sport it shouldn’t be necessary. I was all for head-butts, and elbows, and knees to the head on the ground and everything like that. Because when it was legal that’s what you trained against…You fight by the rules you’re given…Whether it’s in an alley whether in a cage, boxing ring, whatever.”

Pat Miletich and Caged Aggression

Caged Aggression has “been around quite a while in this area, in Iowa.” Pat Miletich said. After a buyout that put 40 families out of work, Pat Miletich contacted some broadcast partners and put together Caged Aggression. “We were able to do it, and we’ve been able to do it ever since. It’s a good partnership.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year, it has been exceptionally difficult for fighters to find fights. Caged Aggression will continue to function so that these fighters can still get paid and support their family. “There’s just not enough fights out there for these guys.”

Friday, October 15th & Saturday, October 16th, 2021 a two-night event is Caged Aggression 32. One night is Kenan Jackson vs Devoniere Jackson, the next night is Montel Williams vs Josh Neal for the Welterweight Title.

Caged Aggression also offers a profit-sharing system for the fighters in which a viewer can select a fighter and a part of their purchase will go directly to that fighter. “It’s a good business model,” Pat Miletich continued, “Profit sharing with athletes. I’m surprised a lot more aren’t doing it.”

Find more information on Caged Aggression and who else will be fighting at the event.

“We have to understand that we aren’t’ different…No matter what your beliefs are we all reacted in a certain way out of love…Everybody is doing it in their mind for the right reasons.”

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