Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Finalized for December

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The fight that everyone expected is finally official with Jake Paul continuing his rise to boxing notoriety by this time going after a name boxing fans know because of the last name he carries in Tommy Fury. Fury, the half-brother of heavyweight kingpin Tyson Fury, has an established record as a boxer but he is more known for his work outside the ring. For Paul though, Fury provides a name, an opponent boxing pundits have the respect of, and someone who is also undefeated like him. 

It’s the perfect fight for the perfect heist that Jake Paul is taking the boxing game out on.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Finalized

According to Jake Paul’s Twitter account, the fight will take place in Tampa Bay, Florida at the Amalie Arena. The Amalie Arena is reported to sit 21,500 people for concerts and roughly 19,000 for hockey games so comparing that to his last fights venue in it could be his largest to date.

The fight will reportedly be contested at 192 pounds, two pounds heavier than his fight against Tyron Woodley in August. The rest of the figures between the two men are very similar in terms of record, 4-0 and 7-0, heights, and stances. This of course ironically comes on the heels of UFC President Dana White going after Jake Paul for not doing any of these things and of course, Paul wasted no time turning that into some cannon fodder on social media.

Way-Too Early Analysis 

Jake Paul has shown that he has the determination and heart to be a pro boxer, his overall skill though is still rough around the edges. Any pro boxer with just four fights is going to look like he does, minus anyone with Olympic or a high amateur background, and like other fighters, this first real test makes a ton of sense for him.

Paul has powerful, yet wild, hooks in his arsenal, and for the long-armed Tommy Fury that may not be as useful unless he is coached up to do so. He has a strong training camp still and he is still young enough, 24, to be able to be moulded still as a fighter. 

Transitioning to Tommy Fury, he has everything at stake here and to be honest this fight may end up being a bad risk. His brother and father, Tyson and John Fury have already stated they will make him change his name if he loses to a YouTuber like Jake Paul.

It’s that disrespect that the family has for Paul that may be the downfall ultimately. If Fury doesn’t take this fight seriously he may find himself looking like Tyron Woodley or worse, Ben Askren. Fury has a strong chance to win but he needs to be all in on boxing the same way that Paul is to do so, and because of that this fight is very interesting.

The two are set to meet for a press conference prior to the Canelo Alvarez vs. Caleb Plant fight on November 6th.

It will be another Jake Paul Showtime pay-per-view, so far he hasn’t been disappointed but disappointment is something Fury can’t handle. Better tune in on December 18th.

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