Fight Circus Vol 3 Results

Step right up, Fight Circus Vol 3 is here giving you a new offering of freak show fights and bizarre attractions. Far away from the meddling clutches of an athletic commission, Fight Circus goes down in an unknown location in Thailand. Word is that there’ll be a sex doll analyst, maybe a “little person” fight, and potentially a fight between Bob Sapp and the promoter, Jon Nutt. You know, the usual. MMASucka is here to give you live Fight Circus Vol 3 results for whatever may happen at this carnival of carnage.

Fight Circus is promoted by Jon Nutt, who also runs the quirky Full Metal Dojo MMA promotion in Thailand. The previous two events were everything they hyped themselves up to be, delivering on the bedlam of freak show fights galore.

In this event, there’ll be a lethwei fight in an actual phonebooth, a four-woman Indian leg wrestling tournament, a 2-on-1 match featuring former UFC featherweight Will Chope, and a 2 vs. 2 fight where pairs of teammates are tied together. There’s bound to be other oddities popping up here and there, and if Bob Sapp is there, it’s bound to get weird.

How to Watch: Fight Circus Vol 3 airs on at this link starting at 10pm EST / 7 pm PST. WARNING: This site may contain some NSFW sexual images.


Tug-Of-War Match: Alice def. Bess

2 vs. 1 MMA Match: Will Chope def. Bank/No Money via submission (guillotine choke) in round 1

Lethwei Match: Somiong War def. Master via unanimous decision

Indian Leg Wrestling Finals: Hell Girl def. Jenn the Tiger- in a best three out of five match, Hell Girl wins 3-2

Siamese Kickboxing/2-Man Teams Tied Together: Chitnuphong Sommuttiram/Jonathan Smartsopakul def. Lit Deesawad/Warakorn Pakanan via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-29, 30-29). The two teams shared a large shirt, each man with the use of one arm.

Phone Booth Fight/Modified Muay Thai Match: Phetesan Suwan def. Celest Hansen via decision after two one-minute rounds.

Human Cock Fighting/Kicking Only Match: Rambo def. Nut Prasittigat via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-29)

Indian Leg Wrestling Semifinal 2: Jenn the Tiger def. Aree- in a best three out of five match, Jenn the Tiger wins the first three

Indian Leg Wrestling Semifinal 1: Hell Girl def. Fernie- in a best three out of five match, Hell Girl wins the first three

Bat Shit Boxing/Dizzy Boxing Match (fighters fight three tw0-minute rounds after spinning in circles with their foreheads on baseball bats): Rockie Bactol def. Bryson Dean Collins via TKO at 1:57 of round 2. It looks like Bryson may have injured a rib, as he is clutching his left side in pain.



Featured Image courtesy of Full Metal Dojo

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