Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II Results

All of the talk is put to rest tonight, as the rematch between YouTuber Jake Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is set to take place after Paul’s original opponent Tommy Fury pulled out for medical reasons. Paul earned a split decision victory over “The Chosen One”, but enough controversy about the fight has run about since then that the rematch is justifiable. In the co-main event, dominant boxing champion and undefeated MMA fighter Amanda Serrano defends her boxing title against Miriam Gutierrez. Also, former NBA All-Star point guard Deron Williams faces future NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gore in a heavyweight exhibition.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II Round-by-Round Updates

In the walkouts, Woodley looked even more intense and focused than he normally does, joined by rapper Joyner Lucas. Paul, meanwhile, came out donning a Union Jack shirt, seeming loose and looking to entertain.

Round 1: Woodley comes out with an overhand right that misses. He is already looking more active, as Paul is getting warmed up. Paul seems to be fighting with a taller stance this time around. Both start bullrushing into the clinch twice. Woodley gets the round on action. 10-9 Woodley

Round 2: Paul starts throwing looping hooks to start the round as Woodley looks to clinch. Paul paws with the jab as Woodley lands an uppercut. Lots of clinching as the fight continues. Paul throws a looping combo that misses as the round ends. 10-9 Paul

Round 3: An accidental Woodley elbow cuts the top of Paul’s forehead as the round starts. Chants of “F— Jake Paul” start to come down as he lands a combo on Woodley, while Woodley responds with a 1-2 combo. They just keep crashing into each other and clinching. 10-9 Woodley

Round 4: Paul comes out swinging, but clearly leaning with his punches. More clinching, as Woodley dumps Paul on his head for a takedown. Unfortunately, that does not count here, as his only move seems to be initiating the clinch. 10-9 Woodley

Round 5: More punching into the clinch for Woodley, while Paul catches him with a jab coming in one time out of the dozen or so times it happened this round. As Paul tries to initiate his own clinch, Woodley throws a right hook-left hook combo that doesn’t land. 10-9 Paul

Round 6:  The commentators are saying that this fight is tough to watch, and it is hard to disagree. There have not been many, if any, solidly-landed punches throughout the duration of the fight.

And then about fifteen seconds later, a Paul overhand right lands and puts Woodley out cold. Go figure.

Amanda Serrano vs. Miriam Gutierrez Round-by-Round Updates

Round 1: After a feeling-out process of trading jabs, Serrano traps Gutierrez in a corner and unloads. Gutierrez works her way out of the corner, but “The Real Deal” Serrano keeps up the pressure and intensity to earn an easy win to the round. 10-9 Serrano

Round 2: Serrano comes out and lands a straight left. She starts increasing the pressure again and moving Gutierrez closer and closer to the ropes when the Spaniard Gutierrez lands a couple of solid body shots. Serrano keeps moving forward, though, controlling the action of the round. 10-9 Serrano

Round 3: The round starts much slower, as they spend most of the round exchanging straights at the same time. Since Serrano landed more often, she takes the round. 10-9 Serrano

Round 4: Serrano picks the action back up, pressuring Gutierrez and through with more volume. Gutierrez seems to be more flatfooted moving around the ring, while Serrano is bouncing on her feet. A right hook just over halfway into the round sends Gutierrez back, and Serrano unloads a nice combo again as the round ends. 10-9 Serrano

Round 5: Gutierrez lands a nice jab to start the round, but still looks tentative. Serrano seems to be walking her down now, throwing two punches for every one of Gutierrez’s. More of the same to end the round. 10-9 Serrano

Round 6: Serrano immediately gets Gutierrez against the ropes. The pressure seems to be mounting and Gutierrez seems to be slowing down more and more. It is going to take a major change to get the win for her. 10-9 Serrano

Round 7: Gutierrez starts the round looking a bit more active, until a hook-uppercut combo from Serrano 30 seconds in makes her think twice. That seems to have been a last-ditch effort, as Serrano dominates the rest of the round, and is starting to land more and more. 10-9 Serrano

Round 8: Serrano picks up the urgency, basically walking all the way to Gutierrez’s corner as the bell rings. The volume is increasing even more for Serrano, but Gutierrez is not going anywhere. She’s throwing and landing just enough to keep Serrano from completely unloading, but the commentators are starting to discuss the possibility of the referee or corner stopping the fight. 10-9 Serrano

Round 9: The penultimate round starts with Serrano circling the ring, throwing jabs but not necessarily landing. This action continues throughout the round, until about 30 seconds left in the round, when Serrano starts following up with straights behind the jab. Nothing going for Gutierrez. 10-9 Serrano

Round 10: Serrano must have taken last round off, as she comes out seemingly looking for a finish in the last round. She is coming forward and throwing nonstop, mixing hooks to the body and head of Gutierrez. Everything is landing for Serrano, but Gutierrez is landing some as well, just to less effect. They clinch for the last 15 seconds of the fight, seemingly securing the win for the Brooklyn native from Puerto Rico.

Frank Gore vs. Deron Williams Round-by-Round Updates

Round 1: Williams lands a straight right from the start, and looks much crisper and faster. Gore looping with punches, but also landing some. Williams has an eight-inch reach advantage and is looking to keep Gore at the end of his punches as Gore is trying to bullrush in. A right hand from Williams staggers Gore, who then recovers. Williams is clearly the better boxer. 10-9 Williams

Round 2: Action picks up to start the round as Gore comes out more aggressive. Williams lands a 1-2 combo that sends Gore stumbling. An overhand right from Gore staggers Williams 30 seconds later. Williams recovers and pushes Gore through the ropes. Gore appears to have injured himself in the sequence, and a doctor is called in to look at him. He will continue, though, and Gore returns the favor by pushing Williams into the ropes. Gore is starting to land more, and may have taken the round. 10-9 Gore

Round 3: Lots of clinch work to start the round, then both land strong right hands. Back to the clinch work, but then Williams pulls out of the clinch and lands a flurry of heavy shots. The ref rules a standing count, and Gore responds. What little technique Gore had is starting to fade, while Williams still seems relatively fresh. Williams seems to know this, as he starts to lean on Gore in the clinch. 10-9 Williams

Round 4: Clinch, break, repeat to start for the first minute or so. Gore struggling to keep his hands up, and his punches are coming in slower and slower. A Williams right hand cracks Gore, but he quickly recovers. Less footwork and movement from both sides as their energy has fully depleted as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Williams

Elsewhere on the Card

UFC veteran and Diaz Academy fighter Chris Avila defeated Bellator veteran Anthony Taylor by majority decision on the preliminary card. That marks two losses on a Jake Paul-headlined card in a row for Taylor, as he was defeated by Tommy Fury in his prior fight. J’Leon Love, one of Paul’s boxing coaches, also picked up a win, defeating Marcus Oliveira by unanimous decision.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II Full Card Results

Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley via KO (Overhand Right) at 2:12 of Round 6

Amanda Serrano def. Miriam Gutierrez via Unanimous Decision (99-90, 99-91, 100-90)

Deron Williams def. Frank Gore via Split Decision (39-37, 37-39, 40-35)

Liam Paro def. Yomar Alamo Split Decision (95-94, 94-95, 96-93)

Chris Avila def. Anthony Taylor via Majority Decision (77-74, 77-75, 76-76)

J’Leon Love def. Marcus Oliveira via Unanimous Decision (77-75, 79-73, 78-74)

Jeovanny Estela def. Chris Rollins via Unanimous Decision



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