Shoma Shibasi vs. Hideki Sekine added to RIZIN 33

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RIZIN announced on its’ social media that a heavyweight battle between Shoma Shibisai and Hideki ‘Shrek’ Sekine was added to New Year’s Eve fight card. This announcement continues the trend of adding bouts just days before the event. 

Shibisai, who has a Judo background, is a longtime Japanese combat sports veteran who has fought in a wide variety of promotions including Heat, Grachan, ZST, Deep, and Ganryujima. He has a 2 – 1 record in Rizin and also fought on Bellator’s debut event in Japan. He rides a three-fight winning streak with every fight ending with a submission. His last fight took place at RIZIN 28 when he submitted Tsuyoshi Sudario

‘Shrek’ who also has many years of professional fighting experience made DEEP his home, where he fought ten times. He’s also a ONE FC and Ganryujima veteran who has fought once inside the RIZIN white ring. At RIZIN 21 he lost to Roque Martinez by Technical Knockout due to kicks and punches. Sekine rides a two-fight winning streak with both fights ending by a Knockout. He has 10 – 5 record and what’s interesting, despite his grappling background 6 of these wins came by KO or TKO and only 3 were achieved by his ground game skills. 

This will be a classic striker versus grappler matchup where Shibisai will be looking to utilize his striking mixed with throwing abilities and Shibisai most likely will be looking to take it to the ground. Shrek approaches his opponents more directly in a straight-line manner while Shibisai uses more lateral movement to create striking opportunities at different angles. For both fighters win in this fight could elevate their respective careers to another level and put them in the position of Japanese Heavyweight representative who will take on international challengers when the borders open up.

Photo courtesy of RIZIN (English) Twitter.

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